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Lab Supply Company Reps Receive 5 Star Awards In September

Posted by BCI Staff on Mon, Oct 15, 2012

The 5 Star Program at Biotechnology Calendar, Inc™ honors lab supply company reps for their sales excellence and trade show professionalism.

five star lab reps

5 Star Winners deserve this recogniton

five star lab reps

We look for representatives that that take the extra time and effort to make our events a success. These representatives have a positive attitude, attractive displays, equipment demonstrations, and excel at engaging with researchers. At the end of each of our events we honor one lab supply company representative and their company with the 5 Star award.

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 lab supply company at show

Biotechnology Calendar Inc's™ 5 Star Award Winners For September

 9/26/12 University of Texas, San Antonio   BD Bio  Kristina Barnhart  
   Photo Gallery Coming Soon

BD Biosciences

 9/25/12  The University of Texas at Austin
Screen shot 2012 06 21 at 3.53.30 PM resized 600
 Chad Norris  
   Photo Gallery  Gemini Bio-Products
 9/20/12  University of Utah, Salt Lake City  Life Technologies  Chad Brendle  
   Photo Gallery Life Technologies, Inc.
  9/13/12 Oregon Health and Science University, Portland Sheldon Manufacturing   Jeff Boileau  
   Photo Gallery  Sheldon Manufacturing, Inc.
 9/12/12   Oregon State University, Corvallis  Airgas  Samantha Goelze and Jeff Kadyk  
   Photo Gallery Coming Soon   Airgas USA, LLC
 9/11/12  University of Oregon, Eugene   Cell Signaling Technology  Rex Abaya  
    Photo Gallery   Cell Signaling Technology
 9/6/12  University of Wisconsin Research Park  Alfa Aesar  Tim Alberda  
   Photo Gallery  Alfa Aesar
 9/5/12  University of Wisconsin, Madison
Screen shot 2012 06 21 at 4.03.31 PM resized 600
 Cliff Colby  
   Photo Gallery   GlobalStem 


If you would like a chance to win this special recognition award you are invited to exhibit at one of upcoming event. See our 2012 schedule or 2013 schedule and join us as an exhibitor!


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five star reps

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