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Ohio State University to Build New Hospital

Posted by Rebecca Inch-Partridge on Tue, Jan 30, 2018

 Ohio State University (OSU) plans to augment the Wexner Medical Center with a new hospital and an ambulatory center. The university is currently seeking qualified professionals to design the inpatient tower as well as the outpatient care facility. These new medical buildings are key components of OSU’s strategic plan andtheir “Framework 2.0” plan which are both designed to assist the university achieve its goal to continue providing cutting-edge research, outstanding clinical training and world-class patient care.

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(Image of  Campbell Hall at Wexner Medical Center courtesy of Rimmel via Wikimedia Commons)

The proposed inpatient tower includes:

  • Up to 840 beds, replacing and expanding on the 440 beds in Rhodes Hall and Doan Hall; all 840 beds would be in private-room settings.
  • 60 neonatal intensive care unit bassinets
  • State-of-the-art diagnostic, treatment and inpatient service areas
  • An emergency department, imaging, operating rooms, critical care and medical/surgical beds
  • Connector to The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center, which also connects to Rhodes Hall, Doan Hall and the Brain and Spine Hospital
  • Leading-edge digital technologies to advance care and teaching

The Hospital Tower will be located next to Ohio State’s Comprehensive Cancer Center, between 12th Ave and Medical Center Drive.

 The ambulatory center will located on Carmack Road. It will offer outpatient operating rooms, urgent care with a 23-hour observation unit, an endoscopy unit, a pre-anesthesia center, diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology.

Cost estimates for each project will be determined through the design process and will require approval by university trustees. They both are in line with the University’s strategic plan and Framework 2.0, which contains the guidelines for stewardship of the physical campus. The overall goals of the plan are listed as: Promote Student Success, Support Academics, Research, and Outreach, Strengthen Access and Connectivity, Transform Natural Systems and Open Spaces.  

Another key element of this aligned academic medical enterprise is an interdisciplinary health sciences center. It will feature upgraded and flexible facilities to create a collaborative campus for education throughout the health sciences. This will include the colleges of Medicine, Optometry and Nursing, and the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. Also in the framework plan: an interdisciplinary research facility with innovative and modern environments to serve multiple disciplines.

“Together, these projects advance key strategic focus areas for the university, including teaching and learning, research and creative expression, and academic health care,” stated Bruce A. McPheron, executive vice president and provost, in an Ohio State News article. “Ohio State continues to be committed to defining the flagship public research university in the 21st century.” 

This last fiscal year was the medical center’s most financially successful year ever. This added to the fact that the demand for patient care and medical education is greater than ever leads university officials to believe that now is the time for sweeping modernization. 

Ohio State President Michael V. Drake says, “We envision a medical campus in which all building projects integrate and support each other — and where the very best people work together across areas of expertise to further elevate the quality of the medical center and the entire university.”

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