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New Clinical Research Center Opens at Rutgers

Posted by Rebecca Inch-Partridge on Mon, Nov 20, 2017

The University of Rutgers recently opened the Adult Clinical Research Center on its New Brunswick campus. The Adult Clinical Research Center (CRC) is part of the Robert Wood Johnson University school of Medicine. The center outgrew its previous location on the third floor of the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and now occupies the 8th floor of the new East Tower medical building adjacent to the Hospital. This 11,646 square foot facility will make it possible for the CRC to double the number of studies they conduct over the next three years. Currently, there are 36 active and 20 pending clinical trials.

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(Image of Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Besides more space, relocating the CRC outside of the hospital gives it another advantage. Reynold Panettieri, vice chancellor for Translational Medicine and Science and director of Rutgers Institute for Translational Medicine and Science explained, “While hospitals embrace research, they understandably focus on patient care first. Researchers and clinical trial participants are often last in line to use the hospital’s equipment.” In the same article for Rutgers Today, he points out, “The new CRC takes scheduling out of the equation by providing sophisticated equipment that the investigator can use when convenient for the participants. Having a dedicated space also better serves our trial sponsors – and attracts new sponsors – by assuring a certain level of quality.”


Vivien Hsu, a rheumatologist at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School who studies autoimmune diseases adds, “Our patients come to us because we can provide more than the standard of care for many of these diseases that currently have no cure — as we work together to advance our medical knowledge,” she says. “The new CRC is a well-designed, efficient space with equipment all on one floor. The rooms are comfortable, with beautiful, sunlit views.”

The new Clinical Research Center offers four examination rooms, four long-stay rooms, two infusion rooms, laboratory facilities, and a phlebotomy station. Two other important features include a pulmonary function lab and an investigational drug pharmacy. Unlike a typical pharmacy, it can store, prepare and dispenses investigational products according to strict guidelines, assuring confidentiality and study integrity. It also offers access to highly trained research staff with expertise in Phase I – IV clinical trials as well as nursing and laboratory services for all clinical trial needs. The center is available to researchers throughout Rutgers University. It is also open to supporting outside investigators.

More About Rutgers New Brunswick: 

  • The Adult Clinical Research Center is one of five research units at Rutgers.
  • The University is the lead academic partner for the New Jersey Alliance for Clinical and Translational Science. 
  • The Pediatric Clinical Research Unit at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School is one of very few in the United States devoted exclusively to pediatric clinical investigation. 
  • Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJUH) is a 965-bed academic medical center.

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