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HIV Institute Researchers @ UCSF get $20M New Funding

Posted by BCI Staff on Mon, Apr 11, 2016

Researchers at the Institute for HIV Cure Research in San Francisco recently received a $20M grant from the Foundation for AIDS Research. This grant will support researchers from UCSF, the Gladstone Institute, and other academic partners in making revolutionary breakthroughs in this lifesaving area of research.

The headquarters of the Institute for HIV Cure Research will be located on the UCSF campus and the institute will be the only HIV cure institute of its kind in the nation. The $20 million of new funding will support the research team's pursuit of a functional cure to HIV, so that individuals will no longer have to rely on lifelong antiretroviral drug treatment.

Grants like this are a great example of why UC San Francisco was ranked #1 by the NSF for life science research last year, spending over a billion dollars. If you are a lab chemical supply company, or sell life science products, equipment, or lab supplies and would like to meet some of these highly-funded researchers, you may want to consider demonstrating your products at the upcoming UC San Francisco Parnassus Biotechnology Vendor Showcase on June 9th.

Last year, life science lab vendors at this event saw over 250 attendees, of whom 33% were professors, post docs, and purchasing agents. 

Researchers at last year's Biotechnology Vendor Showcase at UCSF



Please contact us today if you would like to reserve one of the

9 remaining spaces at June's event

(updated April 15, 2016 4pm)


Exhibit At UCSF



Lab product suppliers are also invited to reach two additional top funded university markets in the same week by also joining us at:

The 18th SemiAnnual BioResearch Product Faire™ at UC Davis Medical Center, June 7th, 2016


The 19th Annual BioResearch Product Faire™ at UC Berkeley, June 8th, 2016


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