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Quick Review of Current Science Events

Posted by BCI Staff on Fri, Nov 16, 2012

At Biotechnology Calendar Inc.™ it is important to us to keep you informed on the latest science events and information. We have three different blogs to help you keep up. The Science Market Update blog has the latest news on funding, research, and new facilities at universities across the nation. The Science Meeting and Events blog highlights five different world wide life science seminars, events and conferences everyday. Our company News Blog has the latest updates on Biotechnology Calendar Inc.™, as well as the life science industry. The information in all three blogs is free of charge and updated daily. We are always posting new material so check back often.

To introduce you to our blogs, below are the 8 most recent online posts for our free science resources.

The latest additions to the Science Market Update Blog’s

  1.  Mt Sinai Neuroscience Research Excellence Earns Strong NIH Funding

  2. TX Cancer Fund Rift Between Basic Research and Commercialization Goals

  3. UCSB Opens New Stem Cell Labs, Lures Top Research Scientist

  4. Boulder Scientists Find Telomeres Hold Key To New Cancer Drugs

  5. Harvard Lung-on-a-Chip Biotechnology Breathes Life into Drug Research

  6. Ohio State Research Finds Apples Good For the Heart

  7. UCD Eye Center Celebrates Successful Telescopic Retinal Implant Biotech Procedure

  8. Breakthrough IVF Gene Swap Research at OHSU Meets Praise, Obstacles


researcher at biotech tradeshow

The latest additions to our Corporate and Industry News Blog

  1. Our Vendor Shows Feature Direct Access to Researchers

  2. Life Science Products On Display At Top Universities Nationwide

  3. Scientific Sales: Tradeshow Tips For Life Science Reps

  4. Life Science Exhibitors, Texas Medical Center Update

  5. Building Your Science Brand Strength, Many Laboratory Researchers At A Time

  6. Science Sales Leads Are Not All Created Equal

  7. Northeast Science Shows Now Available At Biotechnology Calendar Inc.

  8. Lab Suppliers Educate UCLA Researchers About New Research Technologies

    lab supply company at show 

The latest additions to the Science Events Spotlight Blog

  1. 10th Biennial SASCA Congress

  2. 3rd International Scientific Conference on Analytical and Bioanalytical Techniques

  3. Finding patterns in genes and proteins: decoding the logic of molecular interactions

  4. International Research Conference on Dengue and Emerging Infections

  5. The 3rd International Symposium on Medicinal Plants, Their Cultivation and Aspects of Uses

  6. In Vitro Toxicology Society 2012 Annual Meeting: Life Sciences & Drug Discovery

  7. Cancer Research: 3rd Annual Scientific Forum

  8. Scientific Writing and Publishing Workshop for researchers in the Life Sciences

science current events

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