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Science Sales Leads Are Not All Created Equal

Posted by BCI Staff on Thu, Nov 08, 2012

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If you are in the life science marketplace you know what a challenge it can be to get great contacts and high quality leads, but did you know that all leads are not created equal- at least from the quality side? Although many companies can provide your group with leads, the quality of the leads they provide varies widely. At Biotechnology Calendar, Inc., we make it a point to provide high quality contacts and mailing lists for all of our life science university events. We do all the hard work so you can spend your time creating new researcher relationships.

What we do for you:

Attendees are pre-invited and pre-screened

  • PI's, postdocs, lab managers, active researchers, professors, and purchasing agents are invited to participate
  • Local life science professionals are invited via electronic and print announcements starting 6 weeks prior to event
  • We cover the campus on foot going lab to lab to verbally invite relevant prospects-- we walk anywhere from 2-6 miles a day
  • At the door, attendees are pre-screened for science market relevancy

Registrant information is input immediately after event

  • 19 fields of info are provided from the registrant forms that our day-of-show attending researchers fill out to enter the event
  • Information checked against past and current data resources
  • Names are checked and employment status confirmed
  • Email and phone contact information is checked
  • Missing phone numbers are found

Information is tested and revised

  • A test email is sent out to all the registrants
  • Bounce backs are checked and correct emails are found
  • Any missing departments are located
  • Missing buildings and addresses are found

We send you complete, corrected information to you, typically within 3 days of the event.

This ensures that the contact information for each lead is as complete as possible:

You save time and money using our extended mailing lists.

science sales leads

How this benefits you:

  • Timeliness: Our 1-3 day typical lead delivery time ensures you connect while the lead is hot.
  • Cost Effective: Quality checks and detailed information ensure you don't waste your limited sales outreach time.
  • Leads Volume: 15,000 per year; typically 200-600 leads per event.
  • Reach Decision Makers: At our nationwide events we average 26-34% decision makers including PI's, post-docs, lab managers and purchasing agents.
  • Establish Relationships Early: 80% of grad students in the sciences go on to professional careers in science.
  • Exclusivity: Paid, one time use, means these leads are not exploited dozens, hundreds, or thousands of times.

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