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What Lab Products are Most in Demand at UCSF Mission Bay?

Posted by BCI Staff on Tue, Dec 05, 2017

Every year, Biotechnology Calendar Inc. holds at least 2 events at the University of California's UCSF Campus, in order to provide researchers with access to the latest research tools in the industry.  Life science product vendors flock to these events, so they can meet with the nations top funded researchers, and educate them about the products they have to offer.  Typically researchers are surveyed about the products they are most interested in as they enter the event. This year we are sharing some of those results so we can better meet the needs of the researchers attending, and also help laboratory supply companies, better target their markets. Of course, like the mutual fund companies say, past results are not necessarily an indication of future performance.

“I am impressed at the good turn out and quality leads that this show has generated. The researchers were engaging and interested in my products and services. Equally impressed with the event staff. They go out of their way to assist you with anything.” - S. C., Exhibitor, UC San Francisco BCI Event

If you are wondering what life science research products were most in demand at the most recent winter event, we've pulled out data on the top requested products  so you know what categories of products the researchers at UCSF were looking for. 

...and the most popular product categories were...

  1. Antibodies   
  2. Flow Cytometry   
  3. Tissue Culture  
  4. Molecular Biology Products & Services   
  5. Cloning   
  6. Microscopes
  7. General Laboratory
  8. Equipment & Supplies   
  9. Immuno histochemistry   
  10. Immunology & Biological Reagents  
  11. PCR Equipment and Supplies  
  12. DNA Sequencing Service  

You can access a more detailed UCSF informational product interest report:

Are you curious how many researchers were actively seeking information on purchasing in each lab research category?  We invite you to receive a complete report of target market  purchase interest  for free when you purchase an 1/4 page  event program ad for the show you are interested in. If you want a full report with stats,  Contact Biotechnology Calendar, Inc.

We invite your company to sell more lab products this year, at these Upcoming Northern California Events.


01/17/2018 13th Mission Bay Campus University of California, San Francisco, Mission Bay San Francisco CA
01/18/2018 28th Parnassus Campus University of California, San Francisco, Parnassus San Francisco CA
01/19/2018 21st Semiannual University of California, Davis Medical Center Sacramento CA







Research Funding Levels at UCSF are among the highest in the Nation:

  • 2015 Life Science R & D Expenditures: 1st Ranked = $1,075,635,000

  • 2016 NIH Funding: $577,576,919, 

    UC San Francisco's Medical School has been the top public recipient of biomedical NIH grants for six consecutive years.

  • A $1.52 billion complex, the new UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay, opened its doors in 2015.
  • In honor of the late Helen Diller, the Helen Diller foundation gifted $500 million to UCSF to fund students, faculty, and chancellor's priorities. This gift is tied for the third largest all-time donation to a US academic institution.

  •  UCSF will join forces with Stanford University and UC Berkeley in a new biomedical science research center funded by a $600 million commitment from Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan.

Get UCLA funding stats

Parnassus, San Francisco
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At UCSF  researchers reported interest in products in the following categories. To find out how many came for each product category:Contact Biotechnology Calendar, Inc.

Cell Culture Products & Services  
Cell Marking   
Cell Sorting  
Chromatography & Mass Spectrometry 
Computer Software & Data Analysis  
Custom DNA Synthesis   
DNA Sequencing Service  
DNA Synthesis Equipment & Supplies  
Electrophoresis Equipment & Supplies  
Flow Cytometry   
General Laboratory Equipment & Supplies   
Genomics Products & Services  
Glassware and Plastic Ware   
Imaging Systems - Gel Documentation  
Immunology & Biological Reagents   
Incubators, Ovens, Stirrers & Shakers  
Laboratory Consumables  
Magnetic Separation & Cell Sorting  
MicroArray Services & Supplies  
Molecular Biology Products & Services   
Oligonucleotides & Custom DNA Synthesis  
PCR Equipment and Supplies   
PCR - Thermocyclers   
Peptide Chemistry  
Peptide Synthesis  
Pipette Tips and Pipettors   
Protein and Peptide Synthesis & Analysis   
Protein Expression   
Proteomics Products & Services  
Quantitative PCR  
Tissue Culture   
Water Purification & Filtration  
Western Blot   
Other Products & Services  





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