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UCSD Scientists Receive $8M to Research Leukemia Treatments

Posted by Laura Braden on Tue, Jan 02, 2018

Leukemia cells

Of the four main types of Leukemia, Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) diagnoses make up nearly one-third of new leukemia cases and is most likely to occur in adults. Although common cancer treatment methods are used for AML patients, only about half go into remission after chemotherapy treatments. Factors such as age and overall health contribute to these remission rates. Researchers at top life science institutions around the world continually study AML to gain better understandings of the biology of this cancer that can lead to new and more effect treatment methods. (Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

Two researchers from the University of California, San Diego recently received grants from the Independent Citizens Oversight Committee of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) totaling nearly $8 million to help further their research of AML.

The two grants, one worth $5.15 million and the other worth $2.7 million, were awarded to researchers from the UCSD School of Medicine who are researching new treatments for AML using stem cells. 

$5.15 Million Awarded to Dan Kaufman, MD, PhD

Dr. Kaufman, who is a professor in the UCSD Division of Regenerative Medicine, will use this funding to further his research of natural killer (NK) cells. NK cells play an important role in the immune systems response to fighting infections and tumors, and don't require patient-specific triggers. Dr. Kaufman's research focuses on translating NK cells from human embryonic stem cells into a treatment for AML.  

$2.7 Million Awarded to Catriona Jamieson, MD, PhD

Dr. Jamieson, director of both the UCSD Moores Cancer Center stem cell research and the Sanford Stem Cell Clinical Center, will use this funding to further her research of the cancer stem cells present in AML. It is believed that these stem cells contribute to the high relapse rate of AML patients due to their evasion of treatments. Dr. Jamieson's research will look for new treatment methods through a new splicing modulator approach that targets the stem cells. 

President and CEO of CIRM, Maria Millan, MD, explained that: “This research is critically important in advancing our knowledge of stem cells and are the foundation for future therapeutic candidates and treatments. Exploring and testing new ideas increases the chances of finding treatments for patients with unmet medical needs. Without CIRM’s support, many of these projects might never get off the ground. That’s why our ability to fund research, particularly at the earliest stage, is so important to the field as a whole.”

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