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Living on the Edge: Managing Change through Innovation

Conference - Galveston, TX, United States
Join us for the second annual Living on the Edge conference and explore the innovations that will help us preserve healthy coastal communities.
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Tags: United States, October, 2015, Galveston, Conference, TX, innovative solution, public health

Gordon Research Conference on Sleep Regulation and Function

Gordon Research Conference: Sleep Regulation & Function

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Tags: 2014, March, Biology, United States, Galveston, Neuroscience, Conference, Genetics, Research, Life Science, TX

Gordon Research Seminar on Protein Transport Across Cell Membranes

Gordon Research Seminar: Protein Transport Across Cell Membranes

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Tags: 2014, membranes, Protein Research, March, Physiology, Biology, Molecular Biology, Protein, Membrane, Galveston, Seminar, Research, Life Science, TX

Quantitative Genetics & Genomics: Genetics of Complex Disease

GRC 2013 Quantitative Genetics & Genomics: Genetics of Complex Disease

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Tags: 2013, US, February, Galveston, Seminar, Life Sciences, Conference, Genomics, Genetics, Research, current science events, TX

Gordon Research Conference 2013: Tropical Infectious Diseases


Conference - Galveston, Texas, U.S.A.

The 2013 Conference will include disease focused sessions on arboviral diseases (including dengue), filariasis, malaria, leishmaniasis, and tuberculosis.

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Tags: 2013, vaccine research, US, February, Galveston, Life Sciences, Conference, Research, TX

Home Care and Hospice Conference: TAHC 2012

Texas Association for Home Care and Hospice Annual Meeting 2012

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Tags: Texas, 2012, Research Meeting, August, Home Care, Hospice, Galveston, TX

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