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Rockefeller University Awarded $15M for Digestive Disease Research

Posted by Laura Braden on Tue, Nov 17, 2015

Rockefeller University in New York. Millions of dollars are awarded annually to researchers and research centers focusing on digestive disorders, including the University of California system schools, the major medical universities and hospitals across the country and top research Institutions  such as Scripps, Salk and

On the east coast, Rockefeller University in New York,  was recently awarded a 3-year grant worth $15 million from the Helmsley Charitable Trust to support the Center for Basic and Translational Research on Disorders of the Digestive System (CDDS), renewing a $15 million grant it received when the research center was established. 

Since its establishment in 2012, scientists in 20 research labs within the CDDS have conducted numerous research projects relating to the digestive system, to help gain a better understanding of related disorders to come up with new treatments. Previous research conducted at the Rockefeller University Center include:

  • Scientists gained a better understanding of intraepithelial lymphocytes, immune cells, that lead to digestive disorders like Crohn's disease, celiac disease, and other inflammotory bowel diseases. 
  • Rockefeller researchers developed a method of growing human liver cells in the lab, giving them a more effective way of studying hepatitis C to help further vaccine research for the disease. 
  • A research team studying how CRISPRs work in protecting bacteria from viruses have learned more about how complex microbial communities are. 

Barry S. Coller, founding director of the Center for Basic and Translational Research on Disorders of the Digestive System explained that “this renewal allows the CDDS to continue to support the recruitment of outstanding investigators and the performance of groundbreaking research, elucidating the fundamental biology of the digestive system. Research supported by the center will lead to new approaches for the prevention and treatment of a range of disorders, including inflammatory bowel diseases, hepatitis, diabetes, obesity, and cancer.”

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Rockefeller University is a multi-million dollar research institution, continuously producing influential life science research. In the 2014 fiscal year, the university received more than $64 million in NIH funding to support research projects and help establish new research centers and buildings.


Fighting the Flu at Rockefeller U. 

MSU Group Builds a Better Toxin Receptor

  • Rockefeller University is in the planning stages of constructing a new $240 million, two-story, 160,000 square foot research building.
  • The Robertson Foundation has gifted $25 million to aid in new techniques for drug discovery at Rockefeller University.
  • Researchers at Rockefeller University received $2.5 million in NIH funding for their studies of fruit flies’ neuronal activity in decision-making.

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