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New Science Building Nearing Completion at University of Arizona

Posted by Rebecca Partridge on Mon, Jul 31, 2017

Construction of the new Bioscience Research Laboratories (BSRL) building at the University of Arizona, Tucson will soon be entering its final phase. This $107,5000,000 project began in December of 2015 and is expected to be completed in December of this year. The new four story, 100,000-square-foot biomedical building will be located along Cherry Ave, adjacent to the Keating BIO5 and the Medical Research Building. It will house imaging, the CLIA genetics core facility, informatics, and wet lab space.

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(Image of the Bioscience Research Building courtesy of University of Arizona)

Installation of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems are currently underway. The building exterior envelope work continues and glass is being installed. The basement lid is receiving a waterproof coating, and soon the site hardscape and landscaping will begin. Interior sheetrock and painting have begun on the lower levels. Currently, the project is on schedule to be ready for occupancy by March 1st of 2018. The facilities project manager for the BSRL is Lorna Gray with the university’s Business Affairs office, Planning, Design and Construction Department.  

The BSRL will provide bioresearch facilities to support interdisciplinary investigations in many health science disciplines. This new facility will encourage collaborative translational research that will advance understanding of the molecular basis of human health, aging and disease.  

The Bioscience Research Laboratories is another step in the growth of bioresearch facilities offered at University of Arizona (UA) Tuscon. The BIO5 Institute at (UA) was launched in 2001 with financial support generated by the Technology and Research Initiative Fund (TRIF), a special investment in higher education made possible by the passage of Proposition 301 by Arizona voters in November 2000. This tax was intended to expand major efforts in biomedicine and biotechnology in the state. BIO5 harnesses the collaborative power of five core disciplines: Agriculture, Engineering, Medicine, Pharmacy, and Science in one building. The goal of the institute is to find solutions to complex biology based challenges such as disease and environmental issues. At this internationally recognized institute, scientists from across campus work together to uncover innovations to treat disease, feed humanity and preserve livable environments.     

Other Science Building Project at the University of Arizona, Tuscon:

Also currently under construction on the UA Health Sciences campus is the 220,000-square-foot Health Sciences Innovation Building. This new facility will serves as a multi-disciplinary, interprofessional education and simulated practice building. It’s design is meant to foster trans-disciplinary collaborations and allow the facility to serve as a unique place for interactions between multidisciplinary teams of health professionals, students and faculty in medicine, nursing, pharmacy and public health. In addition to flexible large, medium and small group/team learning areas the facility will include a clinical skills and simulations center for a broad spectrum of instruction and applications. State-of-the-art instructional spaces will offer simulated, real-life situations for teams of students, faculty and health professionals. The project budget for this building is $165,000,000 and construction is expected to be completed in July 2018, with occupancy starting at the end of August.

UA Researchers Meet with Laboratory Equipment at Upcoming Bioresearch Product Faire:


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The University of Arizona, Tucson is the state’s leading research university with nearly $300 million in research and development expenditures annually. 

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