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University Research Park, Madison Contributes $825M to Local Economy

Posted by Laura Braden on Wed, Apr 22, 2015

Market supplies to researchers in the $925 million University Research Park marketplace in Madison, WI. The University Research Park of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, located 3 miles away from the main Madison campus on 260 developed acres, is comprised of 1.8 million square feet of of laboratory space within 37 research buildings. In this space over 10,000 researchers from 126 companies work in the 91 research labs on campus to further biotechnology research and product development. 

Since its establishment in 1984, the University Research Park has greatly contributed to bioscience and technology research, and has grown to be one of the most successful research and technology parks in the United States and contributes $825M to the local economy each year


Research companies located in University Research Park include: 


BioSentinel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 

Cell Line Genetics 

Cellular Dynamics International, Inc. 

Flugen, Inc.  

Life Technologies 

Primorigen Biosciences Inc.

Semba Biosciences, Inc. 

Third Wave Technologies 

UW AIDS Vaccine Research Laboratory 

WiCell Research Institute

Madison area researchers discover new lab supplies at the 2014 Research Park event.    The University Research Park BioResearch Product Faire™ Event in Madison gives lab suppliers the chance to meet face-to-face with active bioresearchers.

Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. holds an annual BioResearch Product Faire™ Event at the University Research Park that gives lab supply companies the opportunity to meet with researchers on campus interested in discovering new products and technologies to help further their lab work. 

To learn more about participating in the upcoming 5th Annual BioResearch Product Farie™ at University Research Park on Thursday, July 16, 2015, as either a lab supply company or a researchers, visit the links below: 

Exhibit at  Research Park                 Researchers: Attend  Research Park Event


While in Madison, make the most of your time by participating in the 16th Annual BioResearch Product Faire™ Event at the University of Wisconsin, Madison on Friday, July 17, 2015. Learn more about the event here


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