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Georgia Bioresearchers Create New Vaccine for Curing Rabies

Posted by Laura Braden on Tue, Feb 24, 2015

As children, we are often taught to avoid contact with wild animals that can potentially carry deadly diseases that can be transferred to humans or other animals, such as rabies. Once someone has been bit by an animal infected with rabies, it doesn't take long for the disease to spread into the central nervous system, where it becomes fatal. There has always been only a small time frame where treatment for rabies can be sought. The real threat of rabies have been shown in popular culture in movies such as "Old Yeller" and "Cujo." (Image courtesy of Wikimedia).   Read More

Tags: University of Georgia Athens, Southern, 2015, UGA, BioResearch Product Faire Event, Athens, GA, Rabies, New treatment

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