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Pitt Research Bridges Major Funding with Science Innovation

Posted by Robert Larkin on Fri, Dec 18, 2015


Would you like to meet some of the medical industry’s best and brightest researchers to talk about lab products in 2016? Your company can gain quality contacts (plus save time and money) by meeting leading researchers from the University of Pittsburgh all at one event, on-campus, and in one day – at the 17th Annual BioResearch Product Faire™ at the University of Pittsburgh.

Take a closer look at the Pitt life science marketplace below-

Key Stats:

  • University of Pittsburgh receives over $760 million annually in research funding.
  • Pitt received 913 NIH grants worth over $411 million in FY 2015.
  • Pitt is home to five National Medal of Science winners and National Academy of Sciences members.

In addition to receiving substantial amounts of annual research funding, Pitt is home to life scientists that occupy many leading centers and institutes on and around the Pittsburgh campus.

Research Centers and Institutes at University of Pittsburgh:

  • Center for Philosophy of Science
  • Learning Research and Development Center
  • University Center for International Studies
  • University Center for Social and Urban Research
  • Clinical and Translational Science Institute
  • University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute

Life science researchers from these and more laboratories in the Pittsburgh are will be attending the 17th Annual BioResearch Product Faire™ at the University of Pittsburgh on August 4, 2016.

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This popular annual event is a wonderful opportunity for lab supply vendors to:

  • Meet with leading scientists and qualified decision-makers who have the funding and qualification to make significant lab purchases.
  • Establish and nurture connections with research professionals in the life science industry.
  • Help generate ideas and networks that will facilitate vital project and career goals.
  • Speak with hundreds of researchers at one time rather than being interrupting their work in the lab.

Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. has been hosting this event for 16 years, and expects to host researchers, PI's, lab managers, professors, post docs, grad students from more than 19 different research buildings and 43 on-campus departments at this popular life science event.

If you are interested in promoting your latest technologies to laboratories while networking with life science professionals and enjoying extensive free catering, consider attending the-

August 4, 2016

This event is open to all Pittsburgh area researchers, and many are eager and willing to speak about their lab supply purchases for 2016. For more information about participating in the UPitt life science marketplace, click below:

Exhibitors   Researchers

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