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Researchers Enjoy New Products at San Diego's BVS Event... and Photo Booth Too!

Posted by BCI Staff on Mon, Feb 27, 2012

The 33rd Semiannual San Diego Biotechnology Vendor Showase™ Event (BVS) at UCSD on February 9th was a success with close to 700 attendees looking at a wide variety of new products. But new products weren't the only thing new at this event, Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. had their very first photo booth available for free fun photo strips to take home!

Biotechnology Vendor Showcase

(UCSD Science Researchers Enjoying the Photo Booth)

Researchers..and even Exhibitors had fun with the photo booth using many different props to create a great strip of photos. Participants were also given free souvenir photo strips to take home, which made for great keepsakes from the event. You can access Here to see some of our favorite pictures from the photo booth.


Science Research Event

(One of our Vikings...I mean Exhibitors from Eppendorf enjoying the photo booth)


Science Research Event

Did you miss out on the this fun research event?

Click Here to sign up for the next San Diego Biotechnology Vendor Showase™ Event (BVS) at UCSD for FREE!

If you are a lab supplier or researcher from another area please check the current schedule to see when the  next event is happening near you.


With over 40 Exhibitors, our researchers had much to take back to the labs besides photo strips! 
With satisfied researchers we expect over 700 attendees at our next San Diego Biotechnology Vendor Showase™ Event (BVS) at UCSD on August 23, 2012. How do we know our researchers are happy? Check out some of our feedback from our Facebook Fan's that attended our events, including UCSD!

University of California San Diego Event


Want exact statistics from our San Diego Biotechnology Vendor Showase™ Event (BVS) at UCSD?



California Science Research Event

Did you have fun at this event? Make sure you come to our Los Angeles Biotechnology Vendor Showase™ Event (BVS) at UCLA on April 5, 2012! More Information Here



Congratulations to Fitzgerald Industries International Inc. and David West, for being the San Diego show's 5 Star Exhibitor!

Want to be a 5 Star Exhibitor? Click Here to read to read this article full of trade show tips


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