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Innovative Preclinical Research Using Humanized NSG Mice - Webinar

Posted on Feb 9, 2014 5:19:00 PM

Innovative Preclinical Research Using Humanized NSG Mice

Webinar - The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, ME, United States

The NOD scid gamma (NSG) mouse strain uniquely supports the engraftment of human hematopoietic cells, enabling the creation of “humanized” NSG (hNSG) mice. These mice serve as the state-of-the art platform for studying immune system biology and disorders, infectious diseases, graft-versus-host disease, cancer and transplantation. This webinar highlights the superior capabilities of the NSG mouse:

Key genetic components rendering NSG mice severely immunodeficient

The superiority of the NSG mouse as a platform for "humanization"

Advantages and considerations for specific NSG humanization protocols

Data demonstrating preclinical applications of hNSG mice

How to obtain humanized NSG from JAX® In Vivo Pharmacology Services

Presenter: Brian Soper Ph.D., Technical Information Scientist
Moderator: Dolores Garcia De Van Aken Ph.D., Technical Information Scientist


Explanted patient-derived human tumor models in mice may provide in vivo preclinical models that more accurately reflect tumor behavior and characteristics in patients. Courtesy via

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Thursday, February 20, 2014 (8:00:00 PM EET - 9:00:00 PM EET)


The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, Maine, US

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