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Increase Midwest Sales Next Quarter

Posted by Amanda Caudill on Wed, Jan 29, 2014

Meet Midwest researchers on their schedule and on their home turf to establish long-term relationships crucial to sales success in this market sector, by participating in Biotechnology Calendar, Inc.’s Midwest trade shows.

Increase your closure rate with these time-tested techniques afforded by the face-to-face format provided at our events:


1) Promote discussions

2) Build trust

3) Receive feedback

4) Foster recognition

5) Establish relationships

6) Provide education

7) Expand networks

8) Obtain referrals

9) Demonstrate products

10) Answer questions

11) Improve communications

12) Read body language

describe the imageBioresearch Product Faire™ Event

Click on the links below for research/funding highlights and general show information for these upcoming Midwest shows.


Washington University, St. Louis   3/20/2014,  


University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign   4/30/2014,


University of Illinois, Chicago   5/1/2014,    

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities   5/20/2014,


University of Minnesota, St. Paul    5/21/2014,


Rochester, Minnesota    5/22/2014,


Michigan State University    7/23/2014,


University of Michigan, Ann Arbor    7/24/2014,


University of Cincinnati   8/06/2014,   


Ohio State University, Columbus    8/7/2014,


University Research Park, University of Wisconsin, Madison    9/03/2014,


University of Wisconsin, Madison    9/04/2014,



We provide a comfortable relaxed atmosphere where researchers are open to discovering how your products and services can help them reach their research goals. Establishing new connections and revisiting existing clients at our events mean you can focus your efforts on the consultative sales process.

Biotechnology Calendar, Inc.’s proprietary processes give you tremendous value in marketing, advertising, and promoting your corporate brand at pre-scheduled on campus events. Our events provide the opportunity to meet active laboratory researchers and educate your current and future customers about your products and services.

If you are ready to meet your sales goals and meet researchers face to face at our Midwest research universities, explore the links above to discover how much research funding is available at your fingertips. 

To reserve your exhibit space call (530) 272-6675, or visit:

To go directly to show order forms:

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Reach 144,000 university laboratory researchers annually with our advertising programs.    



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