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New Medical Building to House Columbia University's School of Nursing

Posted by Rebecca Partridge on Fri, Aug 25, 2017

On June 6th Columbia University celebrated the opening of the new state-of-the-art building that is to be the home of their School of Nursing. The seven-story, 68,000 square foot facility is designed to give students an ultramodern learning experience that will prepare them for work as clinicians, researchers, and educators. This building was funded in part by the University's $25M capitol campaign. 

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In an article for Columbia University Newsroom, Bobbie Berkowitz, the dean of Columbia University School of Nursing stated, “Columbia Nursing has always been a leader in anticipating and responding to healthcare challenges. This new building will give us the space needed to advance our world class curriculum and will expand upon the school’s 125-year heritage of leadership and academic excellence.”

The high-tech facility has 65 percent more space than the school’s current location, a few blocks away. Among its features are a café, meeting rooms, a rooftop terrace, and an assembly space for 200 people. However, its most important feature is the 16,000 square-foot Helene Fuld Health Trust Simulation Center.

According to Jonathan Kanda, FAIA, simulation specialist, “The state-of-the-art simulation center provides students with a variety of technology-rich, simulated environments to practice and master patient care skills in a low-risk setting.” 

In this two-story simulation learning laboratory, students will be able to practice clinical skills in a number of different settings. This includes simulated hospital rooms, exam rooms, and in-patients hospital rooms. They will even be able to experience the simulated birth of a child in a labor and delivery suite. All these simulations rooms will be equipped with video recording capabilities, in order to provide useful feedback to students.

Columbia Nursing’s new facility was specifically designed to provide educational and research areas as well as areas devoted to community outreach. Areas that require public access are located on the lower floors while academic areas reside on the upper floors. Areas that can benefit for natural sunlight are located around the perimeter, while control areas, such as labs and research centers are in the building’s core. The building’s sustainable design aims to achieve LEED Gold certification, while at the same time meeting the school’s dedication to teaching, research, and clinical excellence.

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The school of Nursing is part of Columbia University Medical Center, which includes the College of Physicians and Surgeons, the Mailman School of Public Health, and the College of Dental Medicine. Columbia University Medical Center is home to the largest medical research enterprise in New York City and State and one of the largest faculty medical practices in the Northeast.

With more than 100 full-time faculty and 600 students, the School of Nursing is dedicated to educating the next generation of nurse leaders in education, research, and clinical care. The school has pioneered advanced practice nursing curricula and continues to define the role of nursing and nursing research through its Ph.D. program which prepares nurse scientists, and its doctor of nursing practice (DNP), one of the first clinical practice doctorate programs in the nation.

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