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University of Cincinnati Awarded $83M in Research Funding

Posted by Jennifer Nieuwkerk on Tue, Mar 19, 2013

Biotechnology vendors and lab suppliers in Cincinnati will find a well-funded and vibrant research marketplace at the University of Cincinnati in Ohio, as recent NIH and NSF research funding statistics show. In 2012, the NIH awarded the university $73.9 million in research funding. The funding was distributed among a number of different projects in various science disciplines. Of the different departments awarded research funding at the University of Cincinnati, the money was given out as listed below:

  • Anatomy/ Cell Biology – 15 awards, $4.1 million
  • Biology – 2 awards, $434,324
  • Chemistry – 3 awards, $781,516
  • Internal Medicine – 34 awards, $9.8 million
  • Pharmacology – 5 awards, $1.8 million
  • Veterinary Sciences – 1 award, $491,064

In addition to receiving NIH research funding, the University of Cincinnati received $9.1 million in NSF research funding. The NSF-funded projects span a number of disciplines within the science research field. Projects in the bio field include cellular dynamics and function, molecular biophysics, behavioral systems, systematics and biodiversity science and evolutionary processes. We have spotlighted the top five NSF-funded bioresearch projects below, broken down by funding program, project title and money awarded:

Top Five NSF-Funded Bio Research Projects

  • Field Stations: Power, Equipment and Connectivity for the University of Cincinnati Center for Field Studies -- $167,076
  • Cellular Dynamics and Function: Multiscale investigations of micromechanics of cytoskeletal protofilaments -- $166,289
  • Molecular Biophysics: Computational Modeling of Biological Nanomachines - Protein Unfolding and Translocation by Clp ATPases -- $151,226
  • Behavioral Systems Cluster: Collaborative Research: Sensory Ecology of an Animal Communication Network - Social and Environmental Contexts -- $120,999
  • Systematics and Biodiversity Science: Collaborative Research: Understanding diversity in camas and rush lilies: can a unified approach resolve species boundaries in difficult groups? -- $68,542


 University of Cincinnati

University of Cincinnati CARE/Crowley Building

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons and Adam Sofen


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