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Research Lab Science Advances under New Thomas Jefferson U. Vision

Posted by Jennifer Nieuwkerk on Wed, Apr 23, 2014

Thomas Jefferson University is on the forefront of research lab science and healthcare development. Although the university is based in Philadelphia, Thomas Jefferson administrators and research lab scientists envision the school breaking out into the global science research market. Dr. Stephen K. Klasko, president of Thomas Jefferson University, has an innovative plan to unite Thomas Jefferson University, Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals and the institution’s 800 physicians under a single entity.

This forward-thinking plan is known as Jefferson 3.0. Over 1,800 people inside and outside of Thomas Jefferson University and its hospitals developed the model as a way to transform the university into an entrepreneurial healthcare organization that collaborates with creative partners to transform medical services and education.

“What we want to do is combine our 189-year history with a startup company’s mentality,” said Klasko. “In essence, Jefferson 3.0 will allow us to move from a Philadelphia academic medical center and expand to a tri-state, national and international solution center with its corporate headquarters in Philadelphia [providing] value based on an integrated approach to health, unifying all our talents and systems to deliver top-quality health care."

Officials have not yet announced whether Thomas Jefferson University’s acquisition of a new Washington Square site is part of the Jefferson 3.0 model, but the new space will certainly play a role in advancing the university’s influence in the city of Philadelphia. Administrators say plans for the use of space are still being finalized.


Washington Square, Thomas Jefferson University's newest site location

Washington Square, new Thomas Jefferson U. site's neighborhood

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


Thomas Jefferson University is taking over a new facility, which used to operate as a restaurant, on 7th and Walnut streets in Philadelphia. David McQuaid, president of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, said the school has entered into a lease to occupy the new building. In an e-mail, McQuaid said that Thomas Jefferson acquired the property “with the intention of expanding Jefferson’s ambulatory footprint, consistent with the national trend for growth in the outpatient market.”

The Jefferson 3.0 model has three primary goals:

  • An infrastructure with an aim of fostering emerging health professions needed for a “transformed health-care culture."
  • A synchronized clinical model incorporating inpatient and outpatient facilities and Jefferson doctors.
  • A basis for entrepreneurship and innovation that will allow the university to foster start-ups and new businesses.

Given Thomas Jefferson University’s vision for advancing research lab science, healthcare and entrepreneurship, the university is on a course to becoming one of the country’s premier science research institutions. Thomas Jefferson University receives a wealth of research funding from the National Institutes of Health and other research funding organizations on an annual basis: In 2013, the NIH awarded Thomas Jefferson University $47.6 million in science research funding.

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