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$125M New Building Expansion at Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Posted by Jennifer Nieuwkerk on Fri, Feb 07, 2014

Mount Sinai School of Medicine recently broke ground on a $125 million new building expansion and modernization project at Mount Sinai Queens. Construction began in October 2013 and is expected to be completed by 2016. The new building at Mount Sinai will house state-of-the-art operating rooms; an expanded emergency department; a multispecialty medical practice that includes primary care, specialty care, and urgent care; diagnostic and laboratory services; and medical offices that conduct on-site outpatient imaging.

"Several of our hospitals—including Mount Sinai Queens—were founded well over a century ago, and all of our institutions are instilled with the same mission: to care for people of all ages and from across the socioeconomic spectrum," said Peter W. May, Chairman of the Boards of Trustees of the Mount Sinai Health System.  "Our new building and modernization project epitomizes our goals of giving patients the highly-personalized care of a community hospital, with easy access to world-class specialists."

Mount Sinai says that the new building expansion project will create approximately 460 construction jobs, 340 additional jobs, and add $166 million to the local economy. The university also expects to hire about 160 new staff members once the new building expansion project is complete.


Research funding at Mount Sinai

Mount Sinai School of Medicine

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Mount Sinai School of Medicine has a significant amount of research funding in addition to the money it will use for its new building expansion project. The National Institutes of Health awarded Mount Sinai School of Medicine’s Network for Cardiothoracic Surgical Investigations in Cardiovascular Medicine $7.6 million in research funding in 2013. Mount Sinai School of Medicine also received $5 million in research funding from the New York City Economic Development Corporation to use towards establishing the Mount Sinai Institute of Technology.

The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai joined recently 25 regional stroke centers named a part of the NIH Stroke Trials Network (NIHStrokeNet) by the National Institutes of Health. As a part of the network, Mount Sinai will receive a five-year, $1.3 million grant to build a collaborative research infrastructure for a regional stroke center.

"As conceived by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), the network is intended to improve the efficiency with which we perform clinical trials in stroke," said Stanley Tuhrim, MD, Director of the Mount Sinai Stroke Center. "The goal of our effort is to pull together several major medical institutions in the City to perform clinical trials and develop and test ways of improving acute stroke treatment, prevention and rehabilitation. We hope to be able to get trials done more expeditiously."

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