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New Research Building at Washington U. Targets 2015 Completion

Posted by Jennifer Nieuwkerk on Fri, Jan 31, 2014

Washington University School of Medicine is constructing a new $75 million, 138,000 square-foot research building with a June 2015 target date for completion. The energy-efficient new research building at Washington University will feature state-of-the-art, highly flexible laboratory space where researchers will focus on the most prominent problems in human biology.

“We envision this new research building as another key, strategic improvement to our campus that will house cutting-edge research labs devoted to advancing innovation and human health, and we are committed to creating spaces that facilitate this important work and that position us to compete successfully for future research support,” said Larry J. Shapiro, MD, dean of the School of Medicine. “These are economically challenging times for the support of science, yet the opportunities for innovation and advances never have been greater for those institutions that continue to invest in the future.”

Washington University in St. Louis receives a steady influx of research funding in addition to the funding that will be used on the construction of its new research building. In 2012, Washington University in St. Louis received $620.4 million in total research funding support. The university received $452.3 million in federal research funding and spent $494.7 million funding research in 2012 as well.


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Washington University in St. Louis

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Washington University in St. Louis employs 1,944 researchers and educators in the field of medicine. Many of these researchers conduct groundbreaking studies that shed light on important problems in the life science and medical fields. In 2013, the National Institutes of Health gave the Washington University Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences $7.7 million in research funding. The application for this funding on the NIH website provides more details as to what Washington University in St. Louis hopes to accomplish with the grant money:

“The overall goal of this application is to promote the translation of scientific discoveries into improvements in human health. Our specific aims will transform our research support infrastructure to foster multidisciplinary clinical and translational research, expand and enhance clinical and translational research education programs, and promote communication and collaborative research with regional and national partners. New initiatives include 3 new cross-cutting scientific themes where the resources of our ICTS are most likely to result in high-impact clinical research and its subsequent translation into clinical practice: translating the findings of genetic/genomic research into clinical research and practice, accelerating the development and evaluation of new therapeutics, and conducting comparative effectiveness and dissemination and implementation research to improve the transfer of research into practice.”

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