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Duke University Plans Cardiac Critical Care Unit Renovation

Posted by Jennifer Nieuwkerk on Wed, Aug 28, 2013

Officials from Duke University Hospital discussed upcoming renovation plans for Duke North at a meeting this month. The Duke University Health System has already opened the doors to its completed Medicine Pavilion. Now, Duke’s 30-year-old hospital will undergo renovations. Improvements will focus on a 16-bed cardiac critical care unit and 11 operating rooms. According to The Herald-Sun, officials expect the renovations to be completed by August 2015. Approximately $48.4 million will be spent on the project.

“The opening of the new operating rooms and the relocation of beds provides a unique opportunity to renovate existing space in Duke North with a minimum of interference with patient care,” stated the application.

Plans for the project include completely renovating nine operating rooms and improving two other operating rooms. Project coordinators also plan to renovate the 16-bed cardiac critical care unit on the seventh floor. No new square footage changes or service changes will result from the renovations, but the patient rooms and operating rooms will have more available space.

“The standard size of operating rooms has increased since Duke University Hospital’s existing rooms were constructed,” the application says, “and the existing rooms are not able to accommodate the increasingly complex equipment that is needed to support surgical services.”


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