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Stem Cell Commercialization & Partnering Conference 2014

Posted on Nov 21, 2013 11:38:00 AM

Stem Cell Commercialization & Partnering Conference

Conference - Cambridge, MA, United States

We welcome you to GTC's Stem Cell Commercialization & Partnering Conference, which is also part of the Stem Cell Summit 2014 to be held on April 23-25, 2014 in Cambridge, MA.

 This forum presents information regarding cutting-edge developments in all areas of stem cell research including the biology, medicine, applications, regulations and business of stem cells. This track focuses on the business opportunities, challenges and potential strategies for overcoming them. What categories of companies are currently commercially viable? How are they being funded? What kind of strategic relationships are available within the industry?

I. Joint Session – Regulatory Guidance & Updates
II. Novel Technologies in Stem Cell Research
III. Commercialization: Bringing Therapeutics to Market
IV. Joint Session – Funding Opportunities
V. Overcoming Challenges in Clinical Development
V. Strategic Partnering

Organization: GTCbio (


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For more information, please visit:

April 23-25, 2014 (7:00)

Hyatt Regency Cambridge, 575 Memorial Drive

Cambridge, MA, United States

Contact: Kristen Starkey (

Phone: 6262566405

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