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Lab Supply Companies Invited to Demonstrate Products at UC Davis

Posted by Amanda Long on Tue, Apr 23, 2013

Each of the 50+, annual science events hosted by Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. are planned and tailored with the exhibitors and researchers in mind. These events are held in prime venues with easy access for all institute researchers and scientists, and also in the largest most convenient spaces available; the planners know that holding the events in venues like this, provide the exhibitors with the opportunity to:

  • network with their target audiences
  • build long lasting professional relationships
  • mingle with other exhibitors

It's these developed planning skills that draw large numbers of life science professionals to Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. shows, such as the 2012 Sacramento BioResearch Product Faire™, which attracted more than 150 university researchers.

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Lab supply companies attending the event will demonstrate the newest supplies, technologies and services in the industry including:


Biotechnology Start-Up Services

Cell Culture Products & Services

Cell Sorting Centrifuges

Chemicals & Reagents

Chromatography Equipment

Custom DNA Synthesis

DNA Sequencing Services

Electrophoresis Equipment


Equipment & Reagents

Hazardous Waste Services

Immunological & Biological Reagents

Laboratory Equipment & Supplies

Laboratory Information Management Systems

Magnetic Separations

Micro-Array Equipment & Supplies

Molecular Biology Products & Services

Peptide Synthesis

Protein Analysis Proteomics

Equipment & Supplies

RNA, siRNA & miRNA


In fiscal year 2012, the National Science Foundation (NSF) granted the University of California, Davis $49 Million, while the National Institute of Health (NIH) awarded the university $186 Million. In total, UC Davis received more than $750 Million in research endowments in 2012. Nearly 18%, or $132 Million of this total came from private supporters alone. See the chart below to see the funding increases over the past 12 years.


(Photo Courtesy of UC Davis Office of Research)


Of the 150 attendees from last summers' Davis event, 41% were professors, post docs, and lab managers. These guests came from 29 buildings, and 35 departments from the University of California, Davis Medical Center. There is a total expected attendee amount of 150 university researchers and scientists at the upcoming Davis BioResearch Product Faire™ Event in June 2013. 

Of the  participating UC Davis departments, the following were the most active:

Basic Science


Internal Medicine


As a lab supply company attending this, or any, Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. show, you will gain access to easy, effective scientific branding and research networking opportunities.

Exhibitors can enjoy:

  • Friendly professional environment with bountiful and appealing amenities such as catering and door prizes
  • Openness and receptiveness of an audience comfortable with the professional treatment they are given and the familiarity with our longstanding reputation
  • Making higher quality contacts with new customers, building relationships with existing customers, building trust with your future customers, and building your overall sales pipeline
  • Extensive publicity including multiple rounds of event laboratory announcements, e-mail invitations, announcements hand delivered to laboratories, direct mail campaigns, web site publicity, event program publicity, and at show signage

Also available to show exhibitors and lab supply companies is the opportunity to grow your science brand through sponsorship.

Consider Building your brand with sponsorship: Sponsorship will help your company by:

  • Increasing your visibility with top researchers & scientists at top universities
  • Establishing brand-awareness early in a researcher’s career
  • Increasing brand loyalty and ties with existing clients
  • Driving traffic to your booth
  • Differentiating your company from the competition and establish your organization as a supporter of local scientific research communities
(Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons and Coolcaesar)

This event, as well as any other Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. event, will place the company in front of its target audience, create trust, brand loyalty, and establish relationships. Join Biotechnology Calendar, Inc., and 150 fellow life science professionals, on Tuesday, June 4, 2013 at the University of California Davis Medical Center for the 12th Semiannual Sacramento BioResearch Product Faire™ Event. 


exhibitor                                         researcher


Here are Biotechnology Calendar, Inc.'s other Northern California Area shows you may be interested in attending:

University of Nevada, Reno (6/3/2013)

University of California, Berkeley (6/5/2013)

University of California, San Francisco (6/6/2013)

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