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Greener Lab Solutions Available at UCLA and Across the Nation

Posted by BCI Staff on Tue, Feb 26, 2013

For research scientists looking to do great research and be a little "greener" with the tools, equipment and supplies that they are using in the lab there are solutions available. The question then is what's greener than what, and where do I get that greener stuff to use for my research.

Now there is a time and place where researchers at UCLA can meet with lab suppliers that have greener than ever before lab solutions for you!  These equipment suppliers have your best interests in mind with improved equipment, lab supplies and reagents that are made in a greener way, are greener to use, or are greener to dispose of than previous renditions of the same products. Researchers can register at UCLA Biotechnology Vendor Showcase™ Event.

Greener Lab Solutions

For research lab suppliers in the LA area, Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. wants you to promote your greener products so researchers can access them more easily. To this end we have a special vendor promotion: Complete this form and enter to win 1 of 7 free "GREENER LAB" section exhibit spaces at the upcoming UCLA Biotechnology Vendor Showcase™ Event. Exhibit spaces in this area are also available for purchase to companies promoting greener solutions for research labs. Now is the time to promote your greener brands.

Let's all go green and lush as we watch the tide roll in and the sun come up. The world is a wonderful place - and spring is coming, so let's look for more green in everything we do...

Available at UCLA and Across the Nation

To attend as a researcher or to be featured as a Greener lab product supplier at other locations nationwide see the GCS information pages and schedules for 2013 events. This is a service offered to the research community and is sponsored by Biotechnology Calendar, Inc.

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