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Posted by Jennifer Nieuwkerk on Mon, Nov 18, 2013

If you are a lab supplier searching for life science marketing opportunities at some of the best-funded research institutions in the country, Biotechnology Calendar, Inc.’s Science Market Update is a valuable tool you may want to use to keep up to date with the latest life science funding, new building and research news.

The life science marketing news on our blog helps keep lab suppliers informed about where research funding for a variety of studies comes from. The NIH and NSF funding statistics are a helpful tool for comparing which universities in your region have the best funding. We also let you know when new medical or research facilities are under construction, from the earliest stages of planning to when they open their doors. Lab suppliers know that these facilities will need to stock their labs with the latest and best lab equipment and that they have the funding resources to do so. Sales reps at these companies can take advantage of the life science marketing opportunities at our life science marketing events to get to know researchers and lab managers.

For the convenience of those readers who haven’t had a chance to read our latest life science marketing news on the blog, we have compiled a list of the past week’s articles along with short summaries of what is newsworthy. We encourage you to take this chance to read about the latest life science marketing opportunities available at the universities with which we run life science marketing events.


UC Boulder Proposes Plan for $500 Million Life Science Building

Officials at the University of Colorado are in the planning stages of constructing a new life science complex for the University of Colorado, Boulder campus. The 1 million-square-foot building is expected to cost $500 million and will be devoted to expanding the research capabilities of the University of Colorado, Boulder. 



Life science marketing news at UC Boulder

University of Colorado, Boulder

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



UCI Researcher Uncovers New Information on Food-Borne Illness

This life science research news story relates new information University of California, Irvine researchers have discovered about the botulism toxin, one of the most dangerous toxins known to us.


UC Life Science Researchers Discover the Truth of Neonatal Infections

One of the major health concerns for a newborn child is viral and bacterial infection. In the past, doctors believed that babies’ immune systems are not developed enough to fight viral and bacterial infections. Researchers at the University of Cincinnati have found evidence to dispute this claim and that also provides insight on a better way to fight these infections.


New Life Science Funding for Biophotonics Lab Equipment at Texas A&M

Texas A&M University at College station recently received a major influx of new life science funding for multidisciplinary quantum biophotonics research. 


U of Arizona Scientists Working to Understand Nerve Cell Connections

University of Arizona, Tucson researchers have discovered new information on an unknown mechanism responsible for establishing polarity in developing nerve cells.


Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. is a full service science research marketing and events-planning company that organizes life science marketing events at top research institutions nationwide. For more life science marketing news, please check back in with our Science Market Update and Life Science Company and Industry News Briefs blogs.

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