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Funding News: $50M Gift from Mattel to Benefit UCLA Hospital

Posted by Rebecca Partridge on Wed, Apr 26, 2017

In 1998 Mattel’s gift of $25 million made the construction of the UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital possible. In March 2017 Mattel made a $50M commitment to the UCLA Foundation to expand the hospital’s pediatric services.  Over the last 20 years, Mattel has provided more than $80 million to UCLA’s health care system to support its Children’s Hospital.

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(Image of Dr. John Mazziotta, vice chancellor of UCLA Health Sciences and Richard Dickson, president of Mattel, announcing the $50 million gift courtesy of UCLA Newsroom) 

UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital is a "hospital-within-a-hospital," located on the third and fifth floors of Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.  The children’s hospital has 44 inpatient pediatric patient beds, a 22 bed Neonatal ICU, an 18 bed Pediatric ICU, and a 6 bed Pediatric Cardiac ICU. It also has its own Emergency Department featuring pediatric-friendly exam rooms.  

The entire facility is designed to meet the physical, social and emotional needs of children and their families. Patient rooms feature large windows with window seats and day beds so family members can spend time in the rooms comfortably.  Each nursing unit has a minor procedure room so young patients can undergo certain treatments away from their sleeping area. Multiple age-appropriate playrooms and a family resource room extend to a large outdoor play terrace with ocean views. 

This latest donation from Mattel will enable the hospital to build a “kids-only” system of care, to ensure the child’s experience remains the primary focus through the facilities specialized design. The hospital will continue to seek ways of better integrating play and health during treatment. The gift will also help the hospital improve care and patient outcomes by ensuring that all staff members specialize in treating children. Mattel’s commitment will also support global children’s health through programs in China, Indonesia, India and South Africa, including doctor exchanges and research partnerships.

“The best practices and insights from research available at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital are a model for pediatric care worldwide,” Dr. John Mazziotta, vice chancellor of UCLA Health Sciences and CEO of UCLA Health, stated in an article for UCLA Newsroom. “With Mattel, we look forward to an enhanced ability to expand that care.”

UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital Ranked 

 In 2016, Top Master’s in Healthcare Administration listed Mattel Children’s Hospital as the 8th Most Technologically Advanced Children’s Hospital in the World. It is a recognized leader in pediatric surgery, and an international referral center for a variety of specialized treatments. Surgeons at Mattel have pioneered the most successful techniques available for repairing pectus excavatum (or “sunken chest syndrome”) in adolescents.  They have led the charge against childhood obesity with novel gastric bypass surgery for extreme cases. In fact, Mattel has an entire surgical wing dedicated to patients undergoing minimally invasive laparoscopic surgeries.

Pediatric patients at Mattel Children’s Hospital benefit from unique technologically-advanced treatments including:

  • Pediatric telehealth services
  • robotic surgery
  • Robotic telemedicine
  • DSCT Scanners
  • PET Scanning
  • Minimally invasive pediatric surgery

UCLA is also home to Children’s Discovery and Innovation Institute (CDI) which was founded in 2013 to inspire scientific discovery and design new avenues for innovation.  Here pediatric physician scientists cultivate collaborative teams and research support systems in order to improve the lives of children. 

UCLA Children’s Discovery and Innovation Institute Statistics:

  • $36M in external grant awards (FY 2015-2016)
  • ~ 200 external grant proposals submitted annually
  • 105 active faculty researchers
  • 42 research coordinators
  • 14 central grant administrative staff

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