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Utah State Researcher Uses Genetics to Produce Spider Silk Using Goats

Posted by BCI Staff on Thu, Aug 11, 2011

A Utah State University researcher has genetically modified goats to produce spider silk. Or he almost has.  The goats carry two proteins that allow spiders to weave their silk.  The proteins, injected into embryos, come out in the goats' milk.

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Animal Science Researchers Receive $9.75M USDA Funding

Posted by BCI Staff on Fri, Apr 22, 2011

Cows get pneumonia, or bovine respiratory disease, and it kills more than a million of them each year, making BRD the leading cause of (accidental) death for beef and dairy cattle.  That translates to a loss of about $692 Million annually.  To combat this loss, the USDA has just invested $9.75 Million in a 5-year project to come up with genomic and management approaches to the BRD problem.

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Duke University Goodall Life Sciences Research Archive Gets Visit

Posted by BCI Staff on Mon, Apr 04, 2011

The Jane Goodall Institute was established in 1977 when young researcher Anne Pusey returned from Africa with boxes of Goodall's hard data: handwritten observations of chimp behavior from what would become the Gombe Preserve in Tanzania.  Those boxes went with Pusey to the University of Minnesota, where the long process of curation and (eventual) digitation began.  The Goodall Institute now has its headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, where it focuses on education, community development, and conservation, as well as research and management of its chimp sanctuary in the Congo.

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