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Sell More Lab Products in 2017 - Summer Special Pricing Available

Posted by BCI Staff on Wed, Sep 21, 2016

Take Advantage of our Summer Special Pricing to Sell More Lab Products in 2017

Purchasing the Summer Special for 2017 events includes a complimentary extended mailing list and ends this coming Friday, September 23, 2016.
Summer special highlights:
- Discounted pricing on upcoming events
- Complimentary extended mailing list with Basic package
- Best available show placement
- Economy packages as available
- Discounts on advertisement, sponsorship, and promotions

We encourage companies to act quickly to reserve space at their top choice of well-funded research markets, as availability in these events is very limited. Take advantage of this special for all of our 2017 shows before this offer expires. Click the button below for more info or call us at (530) 272-6675.


2017 Summer Special


Your Company Can Benefit From The Following In 2017:

  • Proven lab product sales performance in over 50 markets.
  • Access to over $27 billion in research funding at the select top institutions we serve.
  • Face-to-face interactions with over 11,000 receptive life science researchers including 27% decision makers and scientific associates who recommend products and brands.
  • Affiliation with the most well-respected life science show provider in academic research markets. We make sure your company is taken care of.
  • Extend brand exposure with pre-show print and electronic publicity.
  • Continued participation from over 1,000 life science research departments and over 900 research buildings across 50+ campuses.

Life science researchers discuss latest lab products with equipment specialists at one of our 2016 events.

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