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Increase Laboratory Product Sales in Wisconsin

Posted by BCI Staff on Mon, Jul 11, 2016

The University of Wisconsin, Madison is known as one of the most innovative institutions in the nation. This prestigious institution was ranked 4th in the nation by the NSF after spending over $1 billion in annual research expenditures. 

IMG_0912.jpg(Image Courtesy of Biotechnology Calendar, Inc.) 


Key Facts about the University of Wisconsin:

  • Receiving $25 million per year for the next five years to support research at the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center.
  • Received an $18.1 million grant from the NIH for a collaborative study on molecular processes of viral infections.
  • Received $7.2 million grant from the NIH to explore the potential of stem cells and natural growth factors to treat Lou Gehrig's disease.


(Image Courtesy of Biotechnology Calendar, Inc.)


Read what Last Year's Attendees are Saying:

"I've been attending the show for 10+ years and every year I learn more about how the products displayed can be used to help my colleagues and I advance our research mission. The show never disappoints and the time spent attending is time well spent. As the focus of our research changes, the needs of our lab change, and seeing what's new and available in one place saves us time. Thanks for a great show." - D. A., University of Wisconsin BCI event


"It is great to have these shows on campus to see new products and meet new representatives. Our lab is not looking for new equipment at this time, but I met with some representatives to get an idea of other purchases we could make in the future. One of the best experiences was talking with Rainin, since we have their pipettes in lab, about their servicing of pipettes since we currently use an outside company. I will definitely be attending events of this sort in the future." - L. W., University of Wisconsin BCI event

See more testimonials here: 



(Image Courtesy of Biotechnology Calendar, Inc.)


University of Wisconsin BioResearch Product Faire™ Event – 9/9/2016 

Madison researchers have relied on Biotechnology Calendar, Inc.'s events for the past 16 years to learn about new advancements in scientific products and services. Call Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. today to reserve a space at the BioResearch Product Faire™ at the University of Wisconsin.


Exhibit at UWisc, Madison Event


Researchers: Attend Madison Event

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