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Riverside Stem Cell Research Consortium to Maximize Resources, Funding Opportunities

Posted by Jaimee Saliba on Tue, May 08, 2012

The University of California at Riverside is part of the Inland Empire, the geographic area just south and east of the Greater Los Angeles metro area and Orange County. As a member of the UC System, Riverside enjoys the advantage of being a part of the strongest public university system in the United States. Now UCR is making other collaborative ties, this time not statewise but more locally: by teaming up with Loma Linda University and Cal State San Bernardino to pool stem cell laboratory resources. The new regional entity will be known as the Inland Empire Stem Cell Consortium, and it will allow all three schools to qualify for increased federal funding in addition to the other benefits of joining forces.

According to Prue Talbot, the director of the UC Riverside Stem Cell Center:

“During the past five years, the consortium universities have developed stem cell research and teaching programs, and this is a wonderful time for the campuses to collaborate and take advantage of our complementary expertise in stem cell biology and to share our technical expertise in this research area.” 

As we reported in an earlier blog, UC Riverside is building the first new medical school in California in over 40 years. They completed the research building last year and are now on track to enroll the first class of medical students in August, 2013, thanks to a recent commitment of funding by the county and the UC Office of the President. The School will have to re-seek accreditation after funding delays, but with the commitments in place, it is expected to pass.

medical research buildingWith an estimated shortage of 3,000 primary care physicians in the Inland Empire region, vociferous advocates of the UCR med school have been backed by statistical data shedding light on the need for a local medical teaching and research institution. “The medical school will be an economic stimulus to the region, as well as improving access to healthcare,” said UCR Chancellor Timothy White in a March 30 letter. “There is a well-documented need for more physicians and better health care access in Inland Southern California.” Big dreams are harder to realize in tough economic times, but UCR, the county, and other local heathcare groups have remained determined to train young doctors and researchers here where they are most needed.

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