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WSU Pullman Researchers Develop Technology to Allow Aging In Place

Posted by Dylan Fitzwater on Mon, Aug 08, 2011

Washington State University Researchers have recently begun merging elements of aging neuroscience and cutting edge technology to help aging seniors live at home independently for as long as possible. The main goal of the WSU Pullman researchers is to make a prototype "smart home" that would use technology such as movement sensors to help seniors remain safe and healthy while living independently.  

This research is being led by Washington State University Pullman ResearchersMaureen Schmitter-Edgecombe, Professor of Psychology (image courtesy of WSU), and is a response to the significant problem of the aging baby boom generation. The baby boomers represent a significant increase in the elderly population of the U.S. For example, estimates predict that by 2050 the largest age group of women in this country will be 80 years or older. This large influx of octogenarians threatens to overwhelm elder care services nationwide and could end up costing the state a lot of money. 

The WSU researchers are attempting to combat this problem by keeping seniors safely in their own homes to ease the pressure on residential elder care facilities. If just 10 percent of the population lived at home 1 to 10 years longer it would save the government $9.4 million a day. The WSU researchers hope that their "smart home" will do just that by providing 24 hour assistance to the elderly. This method would reduce stress on the children of aging parents and allow seniors to stay independent, active, and healthy. For more information on the specifics of this research watch the WSUnews video below.

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