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OHSU Approves Funding for Life Science Building

Posted by Dylan Fitzwater on Wed, May 11, 2011

The Oregon University System plans to build a new life science building on Portland's South Waterfront. The building will be shared by Portland State, The University of Oregon, Oregon State, and OHSU. The main tenant will be OHSU which plans to house several of its science research programs in the new space.

new biomedical building

(image courtesy of OHSU)

Although the initial plans for the building were quite ambitious OHSU still needed additional lab space to be added to the original plan. The OHSU board recently voted to approve $20 million in new life science funding to expand the research space by over 20,000 square feet.

The expansion would be funded by OHSU alone and would contain the Center for Spatial Systems Biomedicine. The center will be led by Joe Gray, a top genomics and cancer researcher who recently came to OHSU from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Gray's research focuses on using computer programs to predict the outcome of targeted therapies for cancer cells.

The newly funded lab space is absolutely essential for Gray's research because his experiments require a vibration free environment such as the basement of the new life sciences building.

new OHSU building

(image courtesy of OHSU)

OHSU has said that the life sciences building will meet its research needs for years to come. The building will house clinical and administrative space for the dental school and is an essential expansion for OHSU.

OHSU President Joe Robertson recently stated in a press release that "Despite the recession, the continued growth of our research and education missions has made it imperative to continue to plan for ongoing growth." He stated his commitment to new funding so that the life sciences building will become a reality.

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