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OHSU Laboratories to Receive New Research Funding From Intel

Posted by Dylan Fitzwater on Mon, Mar 28, 2011

OHSU’s Oregon Center for Aging & Technology (also known as Orcatech) has received $3 Million in new funding from Intel Corp.  To collect and compile data that will help in understanding the onset of dementia and other aging ailments. The new Intel Funding, when coupled with the existing $12 Million in federal grants, will likely spur many lucrative research opportunities at OHSU.   

According to the Oregon Center for Aging and Technology's website the new funding will be directed to grow their Living Laboratory (a program that that allows for the extensive study of senior research subjects) and advance several research areas. The specific aims of the new research are given on the website as follows:

1. To create a sustainable infrastructure that will effectively and efficiently translate basic social, behavioral and biological knowledge about neurological aging through the use of new, state of the art technology.

2. To establish a sustainable living laboratory of seniors who will participate in technology-based health monitoring to explore new behavioral markers analyzing neurological change in the home.

3. To use the Intel Behavioral Assessment & Intervention Commons (BAIC) infrastructure and the living laboratory to engage in new cutting edge research regarding new technology based health care. The Intel (BAIC) will allow for innovation to overcome the barriers of technology-based care.

4. To develop a reference platform for the new in-home assessment system and integrate knowledge gained through research into this system, while accelerating inter-disciplinary cooperation and enhancing public-private partnerships.

To meet with researchers at OHSU and learn more about this new research program plan on attending Biotechnology Calendar, Inc.'s Biotechnology Research Faire™  Event at OHSU on September 1 of this year. Exhibitors can get  more exhibit information and see our 2011 national show schedule.


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