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University of Cincinnati Lab Researchers Receive Grants For Studying Concussions

Posted by Anita Zhang on Wed, May 07, 2014

Untreated or under-treated brain concussions can be deadly. More than 1.7 million people in the United States need urgent medical care for traumatic brain injuries each year; an improved method for the emergency room personnel to diagnose these injuries is a pressing need.

Dr. Benjamin Bixenmann from the University of Cincinnati College of medicine has developed a novel method for athletes in sports events to diagnose a brain concussion in 10 seconds. Last month he was awarded a pilot grant of $11,500 from the Mayfield Education & Research Foundation to continue his research.

Dr. Bixenmann uses a retinal scanner to measure changes in the thickness of an injured athlete’s retina to determine whether the patient has suffered a concussion. This research also promises to benefit U.S. soldiers who suffer traumatic brain injuries in combat. 

There has been a great deal of interest with the young men and women who come home from war with brain injuries, sometimes these injuries are much more serious than they appear to be. In his research, Dr. Bixenmann has analyzed some veteran patients that, in the past, were diagnosed with depression. Dr. Bixenmann identified that in some cases, traumatic brain injuries were an underlying cause and which if left untreated will linger and worsen. Dr. Bixenmann’s research aims to characterize and assess brain injuries and then test, develop, and implement early intervention treatment to prevent sustained damage.

UCincinnati Actively Invests in Research

Thanks in part to funding assistance from outside financial sources such as this grant, the University of Cincinnati has long been working to actively support many research projects. In April 2014, The Cincinnati Cancer Center at University of Cincinnati awarded over $200,000 to members and researchers who are collaborating to find out more about various cancers with hopes of developing more research data and improved treatments. Last year, University of Cincinnati spent more than $400 million in research. The total research expenditures at University of Cincinnati have continually increased in the past ten years. The chart below indicates the increasing trend in research expenditures:


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An Opportunity to Connect with UCincinnati 

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Last year about 160 research professionals attended the BioResearch Product Faire™ Event at University of Cincinnati. 27% of these attendees were professors and post docs and all were active researchers. 

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