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New Research Building Plans Announced at UC Riverside

Posted by Jennifer Nieuwkerk on Tue, May 06, 2014

A new research building is in its planning stages at the University of California, Riverside according to Kim A. Wilcox, chancellor of UC Riverside. In a formal Investiture ceremony on the University of California, Riverside campus, Wilcox made remarks highlighting the university’s plans to increase the number of research lab scientists working on campus, add a new research building to the UC Riverside campus, and achieve increased globalization.

“Public universities have literally transformed America,” said Wilcox.  “In many ways, they were a key part of the creation of an American middle class; providing an education that was just as sophisticated but also more practical than that offered at the private universities.”

The new interdisciplinary research building will provide 150,000 square feet for an estimated 60 research groups. Wilcox also said that the University of California, Riverside will begin a review of the Long Range Development Plan, which directs campus growth and development.

“If we are to add 300 faculty members, begin construction of new facilities, and expand our research and graduate programs, then we must also review our enrollment goals and strategies, both for ourselves and for the citizens of California who deserve access to their university,” said Wilcox.


 New research building announced by UCR chancellor Kim Wilcox

UCR Chancellor Kim Wilcox Announced Plans for a New Research Building

Image courtesy of the University of California, Riverside


In addition to its plans to add a new research building to its campus and add research lab scientists to its faculty, the University of California, Riverside receives a large amount of funding from external funding organizations. In 2013, the National Institutes of Health awarded the University of California, Riverside $15.8 million in science research funding. For the convenience of our readers, we have broken the life science funding down by department, number of awards received, and total funding awarded. For a full list of departments receiving funding, please see the NIH website.

2013 NIH Life Science Funding by Department

  • Anatomy/ Cell Biology – 10 awards, $2.9 million
  • Biochemistry – Five awards, $879,213
  • Biology – One award, $198,360
  • Chemistry – 10 awards, $2.6 million
  • Other Basic Sciences – Six awards, $1.6 million
  • Psychology – Three awards, $979,027

In 2013, the National Science Foundation also awarded the University of California, Riverside $25.3 million in science research funding. The project receiving the most life science funding, $1.7 million, was conducted in the biology department and entitled ‘Integrative Analysis of Plasticity in Cell Fate Determination in Plants.’ For more information on projects receiving NSF science research funding at the University of California, Riverside, please see the NSF website.

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