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Researchers Invited to UCSD Life Science Marketing Event

Posted by Jennifer Nieuwkerk on Wed, Jan 15, 2014

Are you a part of a research team at the University of California, San Diego and searching for ways to bring everyone in your lab together? Biotechnology Calendar, Inc.’s University of California, San Diego life science marketing event is an opportunity for everyone in your lab to spend time together in a friendly, yet professional setting while enjoying a free catered lunch. Learn about the latest life science solutions available on the market and discuss your research goals while taking a break from the lab or classroom at this upcoming life science event.

Instead of going out to a restaurant for lunch and potentially spending more than you had planned, we will provide you with delicious food items such as sub sandwiches, pizza, bagels with cream cheese, vegetables and dip, cookies, brownies, blondies, coffee and tea. Lunch is free, and everyone in your lab is sure to enjoy this opportunity to enjoy a meal with colleagues and discuss one another’s latest research.


Life science event at UCSD

An attendee wins a t-shirt at our UCSD life science event


One of the ways you’ll benefit from the life science topics of conversation at our University of California, San Diego lab product expo is that you may gain insight on your own work. Perhaps a colleague from another life science field will have input into your research processes or the implications of a study that you wouldn’t have thought of before. Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. lab product expos are also social events where you can meet researchers from other departments. Not only does this foster a sense of community, but the more researchers you know on campus, the better you can work towards community goals at your university.

When you attend our life science event at the University of California, San Diego, you will also be in the running to receive a grand prize, such as an iPad. Think of how useful it would be to have a tablet at your fingertips while spending time on campus! Researchers also love the other prizes we give out, such as our Science Ninja t-shirts. You can see pictures of our Science Ninja t-shirts along with past Science Ninja attendees posing in our photo booths on our Instagram page. There you will also find pictures of some of the delicious lunch items we provide at our lab product expos.

If you are a researcher, post doc, purchasing agent or lab manager interested in spending time away from the lab and enjoying a delicious lunch, Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. invites you to discuss life science solutions to your research and win prizes at our San Diego Biotechnology Vendor Showcase™ Event on February 13th, 2014. Last year, 644 of your colleagues at the University of California, San Diego attended this event.

Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. is a full-service science research marketing and events-planning company that organizes life science marketing events at top research institutions across the country. If you are interested in attending lab product expos at other universities closer to home, we encourage you to view our 2014 calendar of events. For more information on the San Diego Biotechnology Vendor Showcase™ Event, click on the button below.


Researchers: Attend UCSD Event

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