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Texas Life Science Trade Show Lineup

Posted by Jacob Warwick on Mon, Jul 08, 2013

Biotechnolgy Calendar, Inc. would like to welcome you to our Texas trade show lineup. We offer 4 outstanding shows to display your products and meet top level researchers and lab managers from our southwest region. We offer our Texas shows twice a year, with 2 shows in the winter and 2 shows in the late summer. 

Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. Texas Events Schedule

9/18/13 3rd Annual Frontline Event™ University of Texas, Austin Austin TX
9/19/13 11th Annual  University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio San Antonio TX
TBA 13th Annual Texas A&M University, College Station College Station TX
TBA 14th Annual Texas Medical Center, Houston Houston TX


University of Texas - Austin BioResearch Product Faire™ FrontLine Event™ (September 18th)

UCRiverside2011 show resized 600

The University of Texas, Austin has been awarded $642 million in research funding. The university receives over $12 million for cancer research, used for developing new drugs and therapies. They also receive the second highest amount of federal research grants for universities without a medical school.

In 2012, our Austin BioResearch Product Faire™ attracted 208 attendees. 49 were purchasing agents, professors, and post docs, and 27 were lab managers. The attendees visited from 13 different research buildings and 15 departments around campus. [Photo Gallery - Funding Statistics]

Purchase a booth at the University of Texas, Austin!


University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio BioResearch Product Faire™ (September 19th)


The following day in San Antonio, we will be holding our Texas Health Science Center BRPF™ in San Antonio. We schedule these shows back to back to allow for cost effective and convenient travel to our exhibitors.

The UTSA Health Science Center has collected 34% more research funding over the previous year and receives more than $200 million in funding externally. The San Antonio BioResearch Product Faire™ attracted 254 attendees in 2012. Of these, 82 were purchasing agents, professors, and post docs, and 47 were lab managers. These attendees came from over 30 departments around campus.
[Photo Gallery - Funding Statistics

Purchase a booth at the University of Texas, San Antonio!


Texas A&M University - College Station BioResearch Product Faire™ (TBA)

TAMUcampus resized 600

In early 2014, Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. will be headed to Texas A&M for our 13th Annual BioResearch Product Faire™. Last year, Texas A&M spent over $700 million in research and development. A perfect start to our 2014 calendar year - Texas A&M continually ranks among the top universities in research expenditures. 

The College Station BioResearch Product Faire™ brought in 128 attendees. Of these attendees 22 were purchasing agents, professors, and post docs, and 18 were lab managers. These attendees came from over 35 departments around campus. [Photo Gallery Funding Statistics] (Photo by BlueAg09)


Texas Medical Center - Houston BioResearch Product Faire™ (TBA)

TMC resized 600

Texas is also home to the largest medical center in the world. The Texas Medical Center in Austin (TMC) is an internationally recognized community of 49 government and nonprofit institutions dedicated to healing, education and groundbreaking research. Institution members conduct over one billion dollars in research. 

Our largest Texas show, the Houston BioResearch Product Faire™ reached 426 attendees! 124 were purchasing agents, professors, and post docs, while 66 were lab managers. These attendees came from 54 different research buildings and 71 departments around campus. [Photo Gallery - Funding Statistics] (Photo by Zereshk)

Contact us for more information regarding our 2014 shows by calling

(530) 272-6675


Perhaps you would like to visit another show in the United States? 

Visit Our: 2013 Show Schedule

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