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The Benefits of Sponsorship

Posted by BCI Staff on Wed, Feb 06, 2013

How many companies seem to be ahead of the game when it comes to advertisement and branding? How do they have enough manpower, time and money to plaster their company name and logo across the Internet, or even on the t-shirt of the guy next door? The answer to these questions are the same, sponsorship. Sponsorship is a great way to gain exposure and publicity, and to project a positive image; building your brand in your market relatively inexpensively.

What is sponsorship?

Sponsorship definition by dictionary is: when a person, firm, organization, etc., finances and buys the time to broadcast a radio or television program so as to advertise a product, service, a political party, etc. 

Typical sponsorship opportunities include:

  • Events
  • Causes
  • Spaces
  • Products
  • Programs
  • Organizations
  • Team or group
  • Almost anything else you can think of

Sponsorship has many benefits that will give your company a boost in reputation and popularity. In the past few years, corporate sponsorship has skyrocketed, and become the fastest growing marketing strategy in the United States. The overall goal of sponsorship is to assist the companies or organizations in enhancing their public profile, and doing so affordably. From a company’s stand point, sponsorship will distinguish a company from its competitors, better the relationship between the company and its customers, and will help with showcasing the company’s products or services to a better audience.

What are the benefits of sponsorship?

  • Brand recognition
  • Exposure
  • Build trust
  • Brand loyalty
  • Increased visibility
  • Build a meaningful relationship between the company being sponsored and the company doing the sponsoring

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Who buys sponsorships?

  • Business - A business sponsors an event, a non-profit organization, or an individual in exchange for the organization promoting the business' brand. These sponsoring businesses provide publicity and advertising with posters, banners, signs, logo branding, or other methods, so that the business is more attractive to it's audience.
  • Non-Profit and Foundation - Most often funded through large organizations or by family trusts. Non-profits can either support other causes to gain visibility, or offer sponsorship opportunities that allow other businesses to gain positive visibility by being associated with the goodwill that the non-profit generates. This money is contributed to the cause that is found most important by the board members of the non-profit organization or foundation.
  • Federal Programs - Used to support “common good” projects, such as education, health care and public housing assistance. The government is responsible for providing funding, including grants, to projects designed to benefit individuals and families who find if difficult to support themselves and/or their family, such as those who fall under the low income category. Lastly,
  • Individual - Large or small monetary gifts from an individual going to another individual, an event, or a specific organization.

Some sub-categories of sponsorship:

  • Offline Sponsorships - Most commonly made up of a small, not very well known business paying a more popular, large business to be able to claim that they are “associated”. The company being sponsored will gain credibility and loyalty. In most cases, the Offline Sponsorships are advertised in the form of branded ads, and as an advertorial.
  • Online Sponsorships - Usually done with buttons, banners and links that have more of a reputation to last, rather than quickly changing. However, recently the popularity of fixed ads is declining, and the advertorial advertisement is increasing.
  • Underwriters or Underwriter Firms - Commonly known as sponsors, selling stock to investors, or in other words, sponsoring the public companies. 
  • Institutional Investors - Businesses dedicated to finance, therefore having the ability to purchase large chunks of new stocks. These investors sponsor investments themselves by convincing other investors to make the same choices they did. 

When it comes to sponsorships, each company and organization has different guidelines and standards to their personalized sponsorship programs, thus describing each one would be nearly impossible. At Biotechnology Calendar, Inc., our sponsorship program is targeted to the Life Science Industry. 

Biotechnology Calendar, Inc.

Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. offers a variety of sponsorship programs, including: Individual Event Sponsorship Packages, Single Event Sponsorship Packages, and Targeted Sponsorship Programs. If you choose us to sponsor you, your organization, or your company, you will get high quality brand building and advertisement at different levels depending on your need. Even more, our sponsorships will increase your visibility with top researchers and scientists, establish brand awareness early on, increase brand loyalty and the relationship with existing clientele, and will create a face to distinguish you from your competitors.

If you would like to learn more about our sponsorship programs, click below:

Request Information on Sponsorship Packages

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