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New Facilities at UC Davis Medical Center

Posted by BCI Staff on Mon, Dec 03, 2012

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UC Davis Medical School is one of the elite teaching and science research centers in the United States, and the school is constantly seeking to improve itself. Scientists and administrators at UC Davis Medical School believe that research is a key component to being a successful medical school. The medical center has nearly 1,000 ongoing research projects that span clinical, translational and basic research. Funding for these projects comes from a variety of sources, including federal and state governments, private foundations, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, and philanthropy.  These projects include but are not limited to:

 Cancer  Health disparities  Injury and healing
 Cardiovascular health  Health policy  Neurosciences
 Epidemiology  Human molecular genetics  Stem cell therapies
 Evidence-based clinical care  Infectious disease  

To keep this large facility up and running, the UC Davis Medical Center currently employs 1,342 academic personal, 882 residents and fellows, 817 students and 9,077 staff members. Moreover, the medical center keeps its facilities in line with the times through ongoing construction and expansion. 

CCC expansionMED resized 600

(Image courtesy of UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center)

The UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center recently began its 46,000 square-foot expansion on September 24, 2012. (See photo to the left.) The new expansion will help integrate cancer care and research. With the opening of the newly expanded section, the Comprehensive Cancer Center now occupies 110,000 square feet, all of which space is dedicated to understanding and fighting cancer.

Recently, the new Center for Health and Technology opened on the Sacramento campus for business. The facility is open to medical consultations, distance education and training, critical care, and emergency services. The $35 million dollar, 4 story, 52,000 square-foot building is designed to be a center for high-speed telecommunications with clinical-simulation training suites and broadcast-production capabilities. According to Tom Nesbitt, "The California Telehealth Resource Center will connect these students with our school, enabling them to meet in a virtual classroom with their instructors and maintain that continuity of curriculum and learning from distant locations."

What's more, new construction has begun on a large-scale genome sequencing building project as part of a new partnership with BGI, a well-known bioinformatics and genomics company. This new building will occupy 9,500 square feet and will provide space for finding solutions to “food security, human and animal health and wellness, biodiversity, and environmental health” issues. This new partnership will give UC Davis Medical School personal access to BGI expertise and resources while allowing BGI to take advantage of the university's well of knowledge in the environment, veterinary medicine, biology, human and veterinary medicine, and agriculture.

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If you are a science researcher or supplier of science laboratory tools and equipment in California, and you would like to meet other life science researchers, purchasing managers and industry representatives, Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. invites you to attend the 11th Annual Sacramento BioResearch Product Faire event at the University of California Davis Medical Center on February 7, 2013. This event provides researchers and lab suppliers with the opportunity to connect, network and solve research challenges together.

If you are unable to attend this show, we encourage you to look into some other Biotechnology Calendar Inc. events in northern California: 

  • 2/06/2013 -- UCSF Mission Bay, 8th Biotechnology Vendor Showcase event
  • 6/05/2013 -- UC Berkeley, 16th BioResearch Product Faire event
  • 6/06/2013 -- UCSF Parnassus Campus, 22nd Biotechnology Vendor Showcase event

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