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Posted by BCI Staff on Fri, Oct 12, 2012

Life science information is now available on a daily basis, free of charge, and useful to the entire life science community. For the latest science market update posts, see the Science Market Update Blog. For the latest science events posted, see the Science Meeting and Events blog. For the latest company news posts, see the Company News Blog. We are constantly uploading new material so, by the time you read this, we may have new articles posted. For your convenience, we have linked each grouping below to the main blog site for that topic area.

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Latest science market update posts: see Science Market Update Blog.

  • Utah Zebrafish Research May Hold Solution To Mental Decline with Aging
  • University of Alabama is an Unexpected Standout for Lab Suppliers
  • University of Illinois, Chicago discovery will help stroke survivors
  • Duke Medical Center Expands into New Medical Center in Orange County
  • $14.3M DOE Multi-Lab Biofuel Research Grant Enables UN Reno to Study Drought Resistant Plants
  • $21.8M NIH Funding Announced for Continued HIV Research at Univ of Utah
  • Research Grant Awarded for Cheese Research at Wisconsin
  • $18.5M Research Grant to Start New Nanotechnology Center at UT Austin
  • Arizona Research Lab Studies CMV Virus and Aging, Wins $11.8M NIH Award
  • Research Scientists at UMich Recognized by President with PECASE Awards

Latest science events posted: see Science Meeting and Events Blog.

  • Programming for Biology: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Course
  • The 2012 Chicago Breast Symposium: Cancer Research
  • International Scientific Conference on Biothreats and Biodefense
  • 6th Vaccine Research & ISV Annual Global Congress
  • Neuroscience 2012: Society for Neuroscience's 42nd Research Meeting
  • 7th Brain Research Conference
  • Singapore Research Virtual Career Fair
  • Pancreatic Cancer Research Symposium: Translation of New Ideas
  • The American Society for Bone and Mineral Research Annual Meeting
  • Dynamics of Immune Cell Communication Networks: Symposium on Life Sciences

Latest company news posts: see Company News Blog.

  • Biotech Solutions and Sales Opportunities Galore
  • Scientific Sales The Easy Way With Biotechnology Calendar, Inc.
  • Lab Equipment Suppliers Invited To Sell Products In New York
  • Veterinary Science Research Thrives in Pullman
  • Science Companies use Fall Free Web Links to Boost Lab Sales in 2013
  • Laboratory Product Marketing SEO Improves Using BCI Premium Weblinks
  • Trade Show Calendar for Lab Product Shows
  • Seminar and Conference Database for Science Researchers
  • Bioresearch Events in Minnesota Help Researchers Move Forward
  • Bioresearch Sales in NY: Top Events for Marketing Lab Products

So, if your interested in staying connected and keeping up to date, be sure to visit our three blogs. With Biotechnology Calendar Inc.™ we make it easier then ever to keep up with the latest life science news.

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