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Lab Suppliers Take Advantage of Fall Special Promotion to Get More Exposure

Posted by yolanda lerner on Mon, Oct 07, 2013

Lab Suppliers looking to promote their newest technologies, special packages or recent mergers and acquisitions can get even more web traffic and visibility by taking advantage of the Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. Fall Special Promotion.

Lab suppliers will benefit from Free Web Links; a 50% discount on Sponsorships; and special pricing discounts when they take advantage of this fall special promotion:

Fall Special Publicity advantage:

  • Free Web Links for your company
  • 3000- 5000 Print Corporate impressions at each market
  • Free tabletop company sign
  • Free company listing in the event program
  • Free company listing in event publicity
  • Free ad for premium vendors
  • Free bold text for premium vendors
  • Free premium exhibit location for premium vendors

Fall Special Special Market Packages:

To help vendors with tight budgets make the most of their marketing dollars we offer the following discounts during the Fall Special Promotion Period

50% off any sponsorship package
50% off any ad package
7% CASH off area package pricing when you purchase all of the events in a select region:


Why target this market? 

  • $30 Billion research funding marketplace at these top university & research institutions
  • 15,000 researchers with
  • 4,000 top decision makers and over
  • 11,000 end-users who recommend products and brands.
  • 500,000 corporate impressions annually
  • 2,330 university departments
  • 1,400 research buildings.


Summary of Advantages of Fall Special:

When you purchase during the Fall Special Promotional Period, your company will benefit from:

Discounted Fall Prices for Shows in 2014: The Fall Special pricing is an opportunity to take advantage of great prices for this year's shows. Prices will increase after the Fall Special ends.

Lots of Brand exposure for your company: including Print Corporate impressions; Free tabletop company sign; Free company listing in the event program; Free company listing in event publicity; Free ad for premium vendors; Free bold text for premium vendors; Free premium exhibit location for premium vendors.

$125 Free Web link Credit: For each show purchased during the Fall Special Promotional Period, companies receive a $125 service upgrade credit toward Free Web Links that allow researchers to access your company information more easily.

Better Placement: Since we offer first-come, first-served exhibit space assignments, companies who purchase during the Fall Special period will receive space assignments with the better visibility than later sign-ups with greater selection near the entrance, catering, or row ends.

Availability: Many of our events sell out by mid November: Purchasing early allows companies to reserve their spaces in limited access markets and continue to build their ongoing professional relationships with the life science professionals in the markets in which they do business.

Special Market Package discounts: including sponsorship, advertising and regional market package discounts.

Top Funded market with over $30 Billion in funding: All shows attended by a receptive audience of active researchers and decision makers.


See Southwest Area Life Science Research Opportunity (Sample) Video here:


Have questions about our level of service? 

See our comments from our customers at: Testimonials


We are very excited to bring you more events, greater brand exposure, more face-to-face marketing opportunities, and added value in every event package we provide. No other company comes close to bringing you the level of quality, service, and value that we do while helping you build your brand and access your target markets.



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 We encourage companies to act quickly to reserve space at their top choice of well-funded research markets, as availability in these events is very limited. Some shows are already wait-list only, and some sites have as few as 3 spaces available to select from. Take advantage of this special for all of our 2014 shows before this offer expires.

We look forward to partnering with you to make your 2014 a year of success and growth!

Remember to register by November 1, 2013 to take advantage of this great Fall Special offer!

Call us today at 530-272-6675 to reserve space at your top-choice locations.

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