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Arizona Cancer Center Receives $3.7M Support Grant

Posted by Jennifer Nieuwkerk on Thu, Aug 29, 2013

Researchers at the University of Arizona’s Arizona Cancer Center received a $3.7 million renewal of funding this year for cancer research. Led by David Alberts, who, according to the University of Arizona website, has made his career’s focus researching translational cancer prevention and treatment, the center was awarded the research funding by the NIH earlier this year. Alberts’ research teams work in laboratory-based and clinical research settings studying the chemoprevention and treatment of breast cancer, colon cancer, ovary cancer and skin cancer. The NIH RePORTER provides more information on the Arizona Cancer Center in the funding abstract:

“The mission of the Arizona Cancer Center (AZCC) is to prevent and cure cancer. To continue that mission, this application requests a 5-year renewal of the Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG). The AZCC was founded originally as a Division of the College of Medicine (COM), University of Arizona (UA) in 1976. It obtained a CCSG in 1978 and was designated a Comprehensive Cancer Center by the NCI in 1990. In 2008, the Cancer Center became a part of the Arizona Health Sciences Center campus directly reporting to the Vice Provost for Health Affairs. To accomplish our mission, the basic and translational/clinical and cancer prevention and control research is carried out in five programs, including cancer biology and genetics, cancer imaging, gastrointestinal cancer, therapeutic development and cancer prevention and control.”

The University of Arizona reports that it receives a great deal of outside research funding every year. According to the school’s annual report, the University of Arizona received $454.4 million in awards for research in 2012. The College of Medicine was awarded $191.9 million, and $112.7 million of this funding went towards research costs alone.


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In addition to this latest $3.7 million cancer center support grant and the University of Arizona’s outside research funding report, the university receives a great deal of NIH and NSF funding that allows researchers interested life science products and lab products to meet their laboratory needs. In 2012, the NIH awarded the University of Arizona $83.3 million in research funding, while the NSF awarded the university $51.5 million that same year. For a full list of departments and projects receiving NIH and NSF funding at the University of Arizona, please visit the NIH website and the NSF website.

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