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University of Washington Receives $9M NIH Grant

Posted by Jennifer Nieuwkerk on Thu, Aug 15, 2013

Researchers at the University of Washington, Seattle, led by Mary Disis, MD, recently received a $9 million grant from the NIH for the school’s Institute of Translational Health Sciences this year. According to the University of Washington’s website, some of Disis’s published works include studies published in Cancer Research, the Journal of Immunology, and Clinical Cancer Research. The NIH RePORTER includes the following information about the institute receiving the $9 million NIH grant:

“The Institute of Translational Health Sciences (ITHS) is a collaboration between 3 partners; the University of Washington, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and Seattle Children's. Over the last 4 years, the work of the ITHS has also extended to partner institutions in the Puget Sound and throughout the 5-state region of Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho. In 2007, we established the ITHS as a "collaboratory"- an academic home without walls for translational investigators in our region. The ITHS supports novel research resources in biomedical informatics, biostatistics, therapeutic product development and clinical research, supported by expertise in bioethics and regulatory practices. To train the next generation of researchers, the ITHS has developed multidisciplinary educational offerings in translational research: structured training programs (pre-doctoral and post-doctoral programs) and lifelong learning programs (flexible continuing education for researchers at any stage of their career). The ITHS has also established collaboration networks for research and engaged nearly 2000 members and users.”

To achieve its goals, the Institute of Translational Health Sciences at the University of Washington, Seattle aims to:

  • Build multidisciplinary teams and academic-community partnerships to improve translational research
  • Train scientists to cross the interface of translational research phases
  • Transform research processes and practices in the region by using innovative methods and best practices.


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