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Make Life Science Connections in $600M Columbia U. Marketplace

Posted by Robert Larkin on Wed, Nov 04, 2015


Lab suppliers interested in gaining hundreds of qualified sales leads at a single institution in New York may be interested in the latest funding statistics from top-funded Columbia University.

According to recent research funding statistics, Columbia University receives over $600 million in annual sponsored research funding, including over $346 million given to Columbia University researchers from the NIH in 2015.

This research funding was distributed among many different research projects, across a variety of life science disciplines at Columbia University in 2015. Below is a list of the top-funded departments; including the number of projects receiving research funding and the amount of funding received. For a full list of the departments receiving NIH funding at Columbia University, visit the NIH website. 

Featured Depts. at Columbia University with 2015 NIH Life Science Funding:
Biochemistry – 50 awards, $14.7 million
Biology – 38 awards, $16.1 million
Biomedical Engineering – 17 awards, $7.8 million
Biostatistics – 7 awards, $1.6 million
Genetics – 29 awards, $11.1 million
Internal Medicine – 194 awards, $90 million
Microbiology – 31 awards, $9.1 million
Neurosciences – 30 awards, $7.5 million
Pathology – 76 awards, $27.2 million
Physiology – 15 awards, $4.6 million
Public Health – 76 awards, $40 million
Oncology – 13 awards, 11.9 million
Total 2015 NIH Funding: $346.8 million
In addition to significant annual NIH research funding, Columbia University has an impressive list of other recent funding statistics.

columbia-university-1462095For example:

  • Columbia University has an annual research budget of approximately $1 billion.
  • Recently received a $200 million donation for the construction of the new Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute.
  • Columbia’s 2013 Life Science R & D Expenditures totaled $589,526,000.
  • 2014 NIH Funding totaled $441,221,637.
  • Columbia University recently received a $25 million, 3-year gift for the Medical Center towards a New Initiative for the treatment of ALS.
  • Columbia University Medical Center Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center received an $18 million 5 year Cancer Center Support Grant from the NCI. 
Considering these impressive funding figures, it should be easy to recognize that the life science sales market is thriving at Columbia University. That’s why Biotechnology Calendar, offering lab suppliers and biotechnology vendors an excellent opportunity to network with Columbia’s active researchers at the-
Adjacent to the Columbia University Medical Center
September 29, 2016

3_ColumbiaLast year, the BioResearch Product Faire™ Event at the Armory Track & Field Center hosted over 300 attendees from 20 different research buildings and 44 on campus departments at Columbia University. These are leading medical and life science researchers, each with access to their own share of over $600 million for laboratory equipment and supplies.

For more information about this Columbia University event, or to learn how to become a participant, click the appropriate button below:

Exhibit: Columbia  Researchers

Add this event to your 

To learn more about participating in life science events all over the nation, check out the full 2016 event schedule:

Complete 2016  Event Schedule

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