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Washington University Plans New Medical Research Building

Posted by Jennifer Nieuwkerk on Mon, Jun 24, 2013

Lab suppliers trying to market university lab equipment and life science solutions may be interested in increasing scientific product sales at Washington University, given the school’s announcement that it will build a new medical building. It’s expected that the $75 million research building will break ground this summer and possibly be completed by June 2015. The facility will be dedicated to interdisciplinary research on the most complicated problems in human biology. Some of the life science disciplines already slated to be located within the building include genetics, genomics and regenerative biology. The facility will also be LEED certified.

“We envision this new research building as another key, strategic improvement to our campus that will house cutting-edge research labs devoted to advancing innovation and human health, and we are committed to creating spaces that facilitate this important work and that position us to compete successfully for future research support,” said Vice Chancellor for Medical Affairs and Dean of the School of Medicine Larry J. Shapiro, MD. “These are economically challenging times for the support of science, yet the opportunities for innovation and advances never have been greater for those institutions that continue to invest in the future.”


Washington University

New research building at Washington University

Image courtesy of Washington University


Lab suppliers interested in marketing university lab equipment and life science solutions will find that St. Louis has a richly funded market for scientific product sales, according to recent NIH and NSF research funding statistics at Washington University. Washington University was awarded $381.5 million in research funding by the NIH in 2012. In that same year, the NSF also gave Washington University $14.4 million in research funding. The NSF research funding spanned a number of programs in the life sciences, including macrosystem biology, molecular biophysics, evolutionary processes clusters, neural systems clusters, behavioral systems clusters, cellular dynamics and function, and bioinformatics. For more detailed funding information on the programs and projects receiving funding at Washington University, please visit the NIH and NSF websites.

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