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Rockefeller Scientist Wins $2.1M NIH Grant to Establish New Research Program

Posted by Jaimee Saliba on Mon, Oct 15, 2012

rockefeller research awardIt's an honor to receive a postdoctoral fellowship to continue your professional training in an established lab just after getting your PhD; it's even more prestigious to to win a postdoc fellowship to start your own lab research program. Dr. Brad Rosenberg finished the clinical portion of his M.D.-PhD program last year at Weill Cornell Medical Center, having earned his PhD from Rockefeller University through the Tri-Institutional Program two years earlier. This year he is conducting his own research at Rockefeller using advanced high-throughput sequencing techniques to analyze lymphocytes in the immune system.

Dr. Rosenberg is one of only a handful of young scientists each year to be singled out for the NIH Director's Early Independence Award, allowing especially promising new PhD's to forego traditional postdoc training and advance directly to heading their own research programs. Rosenburg's award is for $2.1M, with a duration of 5 years. Each university or research institution can nominate only two candidates each year for the fellowship. In 2012, a total of 14 young scientists across the US were selected as winners. Rosenberg will carry out his research at Rockefeller as a John C. Whitehead Presidential Fellow, a fellowship program developed by the university to assure that the best and brightest will not be confined to an individual lab but will determine their own research and collaborate across the campus.

The project title for Rosenberg's NIH award is IMMUNE PROFILING BY HIGH THROUGHPUT SEQUENCING OF COMPLETE ANTIGEN RECEPTORS, and his focus is on developing strategies to profile B and T cell populations in health and disease using a combination of molecular biology, microfluidics technology, and high throughput sequencing. He says of his work in the context of current advances:

“As the technology becomes more advanced and less expensive, I see a huge untapped potential in high throughput sequencing. I’m interested in developing tools that go beyond standard genome and transcriptome sequencing. We can apply the technology in ways that not only determine genetic sequences but also provide information about biological function.”

As a PhD candidate, Rosenberg conducted research in the Papavasiliou Lab of Lymphocyte Biology and the Rice Laboratory of Virology and Infectious Disease at Rockefeller. Dr. Nina Pavasiliou has over $1.1M in 2012 NIH funding between 3 projects. Dr. Charles Rice has almost $4M in 2012 NIH grants between 7 projects. Total Rockefeller University NIH funding for 2012 is over $70M for 135 biological and biomedical research projects.

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