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2 New Science Translational Research Buildings for Mt Sinai New York

Posted by Jaimee Saliba on Mon, Jul 30, 2012

Construction began four years ago on Mt. Sinai New York's new 550,000sf Hess Center for Science and Medicine on E. 102nd St., between Madison and Fifth Avenues in East Harlem. Originally due for completion this fall, the new opening date has been pushed into spring of 2013. The 13-storey building is a major advance in the medical institute's larger plan of integrating its clinical and research areas through a strong translational medicine program. Basic research facilities will include wet and dry bench labs, animal facilities, and computer-supported research spaces. There will be lounges, meeting and education rooms, and other open, interactive spaces to encourage collaboration through daily contact. The half million square feet will add to, not replace, Mount Sinai School of Medicine's overall facility space. They have already begun recruiting and hiring new faculty researchers. 

Mt Sinai's Cancer Center Clinic will be associated with the Center for Science and Medicine and linked by an atrium, but it will be housed in the lower floors of a high-rise building that will largely be devoted (on its upper floors) to housing, including low-income housing for members of the community. This is one example of Mt Sinai's commitment to being an integrated member of both neighborhoods that it borders: the Upper East Side and the far less wealthy East Harlem. About half of the patients who come to Mt Sinai Hospital for treatment are from the neighboring communities. Dean Charney recently gave a sneak preview of the new CSM and its tower to a reporter for the local East Harlem news channel (watch the full 28-minute episode on YouTube).

Next on the table for big projects is the MSSM and Mt Sinai Hospital's Center for Discovery and Innovation, which is in the planning phase and will be devoted to drug discovery research for some of the most urgent global diseases, including:

  • cardiovascular disease
  • cancer
  • neurological disorders
  • immune disorders
  • virology/vaccines

Mt Sinai Dean Dennis S. Charney, MD, writes in an editorial:

To explore these [above] areas in the greatest depth and breadth possible, we will expand the facilities and capabilities of our Experimental Therapeutics Institute in five key areas: small-molecule drug discovery, monoclonal antibodies and purified proteins, high-content screening/RNAi, induced pluripotent stem cell, and systems pharmacology and network analysis facilities.


center for innovation

[Areas for the upcoming Center for Discovery and Innovation at Mt. Sinai]


All of Mt. Sinai's dedication to building and pushing forward its clinical, research, and educational programs is paying off with even-higher national rankings by U.S. News and World Report. Just last week Mt Sinai Hospital rose to #14 nationally, up from #16 the year before (out of some 5000, to put that accomplishment in perspective). The Mt Sinai Medical School ranks in the Top 20 nationwide, is in fact #18 out of 149 accredited medical degree programs.


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For more information on Mount Sinai and the event itself, click the button below:

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