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New Research at Texas Medical Center Aims to Understand Sleep Disorders

Posted by Sam Asher on Tue, Jul 10, 2012

New research at Texas Medical Center is underway at the newly opened  Neurological Sleep Medicine Center in the Memorial Hermann Hospital This progress is taking place amidst the tireless construction and restless activity of downtown Houston.

Sleep Center(image courtesy of Memorial Hermann Hospital)


In one of our earlier posts, we talked about TMC's new Texas Trauma Institute, which aims to treat and prevent traumatic injuries. That's only the beginning for new developments for the Texas Medical Center. The downtown business district of Houston, where the TMC is located, is the seventh largest downtown business district in the United States, according to McGraw-Hill Construction. Thanks to the forty-seven buildings and institutions generating revenue within the Texas Medical Center, the construction doesn't stop there. In fact, the TMC has construction plans all the way through 2015, with an estimated size of 41 million square feet by 2014.

 The Neurological Sleep Medicine Center is an example of the continued growth and success of the Texas Medical Center. The facility will focus on treatment of patients with sleep disorders and neurological diseases that are related to sleep.  There are over seventy different sleep disorders and over 40 million Americans suffer from at least one.  Sleep disorders can cause serious problems for people during the productive hours of the day and can lead to some very serious medical conditions including; diabetes, depression, and heart disease.  It is also estimated that over 100,000 traffic accidents per year are caused from falling asleep at the wheel, so it is crucial for scientists to have a better understanding of what causes sleep disorders and how to cure them. 

 At Texas Medical Center, the Neurological Sleep Medicine Center administers a very inclusive treatment range: it applies to patients whose sleep disorders cause other medical conditions as well as those whose medical conditions cause sleep disorders.

Besides consulting with patients and prescribing treatment, the center also offers five queen-sized Tempur-Pedic beds for active care and clinical treatment. In these "sleep suites," neurologists and polysomnograhic technologists monitor patients' sleep activities on the spot in order to diagnose particular patients. They also offer overnight studies to get a complete picture of the problem.  

The Texas Medical Center (and local insomniacs) will greatly benefit from the addition of the Neurological Sleep Medicine Center. With even more projects on the way, the TMC is a growing marketplace with plenty of opportunity and innovation.


08 MedicalCenter1(image courtesy of Texas Medical Corp)

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